Exclusive Interview with the CWO

Daniel "The Warrior Friar" James —  February 9th, 2013 3:38 PM —  Comments
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If you haven’t noticed by now, there’s been a bit of a phenomenon sweeping Friartown. And I’m not talking about defense. I’m talking about the Cooley World Order, otherwise known at the CWO.

I fear no man, no beast or basketball team, brother.

The legends

The CWO – comprised of Hentonwood Hogan (Tyler), Big Sexy (Brad), and Scott “Federall Hill” Hall (Dave) is much more than a few fans in costumes. In a matter of a few games this group not only managed to excite the fanbase but also define themselves in a class reserved for fanatics like the Phantom Friar and the Blues Brothers. But who are these men of the CWO? I had a chance go to one on one with Tyler Hentonwood Hogan and find out. Check out my interview after the jump!

Bold = Warriorfriar

Italics = Hentonwood Hogan

Give me the thirty-second synopsis on how you became Friar fans. What was the first game you went to, favorite player, etc. What’s your connection to Providence basketball?

My first game was in the 1993 season. My grandmother used to get discount tickets to the games through AAA. In 1993 she took me to “Disney On Ice” for my birthday, “PC Basketball” for Christmas, and the Harlem Globetrotters for her birthday. I told her that I only wanted to see the Friars in 1994. The first game I remember, my Dad getting tickets from his friend for the PC/Boston College game. Danya Abrams fouled out and a Friar Fanatic was born. Last year, Dave and I went to about 5 or 6 games. We loved the experience and the hard work evident throughout the program. This year, I saved up and decided to become a season ticket holder.

What was your inspiration for forming the CWO?

To be honest, I got sick of Coach Cooley begging the fan base to come out to “the Dunk.” It is a great experience in and of itself. This team is improving and marquee level talent is there every night. People show up for UCONN, Syracuse, and others, but Council, Batts, Henton, and Cotton are all exceptional players and more than worth the price of admission. Also, Cooley is bringing in some elite level talent that should make them very competitive.


Why did you pick a wrestling theme? 

We were sitting around this summer watching baseball, and I said something about Dave’s spray-painted nWo toy belt. I said we should dress up in nWo shirts and talk about how Cooley is the “New World Order” of Providence Basketball. He said, “I like it, PC is back in white and black!…..It works.”

Tell me about how the CWO got started.

I bought nWo shirts for Dave and myself for Christmas and went to Graphic Signs in Somerset and told Jarid (PC Grad) about my plan. He was awesome and was able to put my words into the logo. Brad was awesome and hooked us up with the belts. Once the logo was created, I went onto Friar Talk onScout.com and tried to get the fan-base going. People thought I was just a troll and I like to think I gained some respect with my DePaul and Syracuse predictions. I know that some people get annoyed, but I like to think that more people enjoy it.

Where do you guys go to school now? How do you plan for these games if you’re not on campus?

I’m actually not a student at Providence. My friends joke about how I am on the Van Wilder plan and I understand what they mean. As for planning the games, we have a pretty set routine now, but we are constantly calling each other to talk about the upcoming games. Dave answers my calls with “Cool, Cool, Cool, Cool, Cooley World Order” and we always seem to get ourselves psyched up before the game. He gets me excited and I always end up saying something like “I wish it were 7:00 right now.”

What are your thoughts on the team so far this year?

 I love this team. They are young (1 senior) and have a lot of potential. They haven’t performed as well as people would like, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from supporting a group of young men giving 100% every night. I think that this team will close out their Big East schedule with a great run. There are a lot of winnable games coming up.

 Any words for Friar fans out there looking to get involved in the CWO?

Come out to Ed Cooley’s Ball So Hard University otherwise known as Dave Gavitt Court and support this fine team. There are amazing things in the works right now. Coach Cooley has brought in some elite talent and he is a great coach. Now is the time to support this team as it sky-rockets into the Top 25. Buy some cWo gear and stick by the Cooley World Order mantra: “Loud, Proud, and a tad bit Ornery!”

From Left to Right: Big Sexy, Hentonwood Hogan, and Sting Warriorfriar

From Left to Right: Big Sexy, Hentonwood Hogan, and Sting Warriorfriar


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