T.G.I.F: Thank God It’s Friartown 02.22.13

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-Congratulations to Vincent Council, the Big East’s all-time assist leader.

-Humble pie is a dish served Orange.

-When you get right down to it, Syracuse is better than Providence.  It’s that simple.

-Sometimes talent discrepancies can be mitigated by advantageous matchups, but in the case of Providence and Syracuse the matchups favor Syracuse too given their length and versatility at every position.

-It would take a great game plan, outstanding execution and shooting by Providence coupled with a subpar effort by Syracuse for the Friars to have a chance in any meeting with the Orange.

-Obviously this did not happen on Wednesday.

-Then you have the always mesmerizing Syracuse zone.  The Friars executed well enough against it early on, mainly because they did not treat it like a zone.  They used screens and cuts and navigated the baseline area well to get opportunities.

-The problem is that Syracuse’s zone is as much or more of a mental challenge than it is a physical one (and it is a huge physical challenge).  Players and coaches seemingly have to scrap everything they have ever learned about attacking a zone.

-But it is hard to resist the urge over the course of a full game to attack what you might think are gaps and throw the ball into the foul line area, and that’s when the Orange have you where they want  you.

-They get their hands on everything, and then it’s off to the races.

-I think Syracuse set record for alley oops converted in a game with 362.

-Never mind Syracuse, you are not going to beat anyone shooting 34.8 % from the field and 16.7% from three-point range.

-The Providence Journal reported that Bryce Cotton did not practice leading up to the Syracuse game due to a sore knee.

-Ed Cooley and a few of his players talked about the need to get amnesia after the Syracuse loss.
-I prefer to drink to forget but, OK, the amnesia approach might work too.

-I thought Cooley and the team said all the right things after the game.  Another sign that they are maturing and together as a unit.

-While all of Friartown was hopeful, no one really expected Providence to win at Syracuse though, right?

-We were giddy with the recent success and wanted to keep it rolling with a signature win.

-And that’s fine. It is what being a fan is all about.

-And there are a lot of reasons to be positive about the Friars these days.

-Continue to be optimistic.

-Stay the course.
-It was really never about Syracuse anyway.  The real opportunity lies in the season’s last four games.

-Another stretch where each game is realistically winnable but the Friars cannot afford to sleep on anyone because all four of their opponents will be hungry and confident that they can win.

-If the Friars go 3-1, they finish .500 in the Big East.  Think about that for a second.

-In a league that chose them to finish last.

-From preseason last place predictions to postseason talk in February.

-That is progress. And it is still about making progress.

-Told you there was no way the Friars were finishing last.

-That sound you hear is me patting myself on the back.

-Always bet on the field!

-The Big East tournament is always great, and this year’s should offer more intrigue for Friar fans than in recent history, but if they go 4-0 to finish the regular season, it gets really interesting.

-So it’s must win time Saturday night on the road in a tough gym.

-Time magazine recently reported that some states are looking to replace gender-specific words with those of a more gender-neutral nature.  One example would be to replace ‘freshman’ with ‘first-year student’.

-Seriously?  I’ll start doing that about the same time I use a capital ‘S’ Marshon Brooks’ first name.

Freshman, freshman, freshman.  Marshon, Marshon, Marshon. So take that!  (Photo: motifake.com)

Freshman, freshman, freshman. Marshon, Marshon, Marshon. So take that! (Photo: motifake.com)

-Great story relayed by Ed Cooley on his coach’s show with Frank Carpano.  Apparently there was a kid with a Boston College sweatshirt sitting court side at The Dunk last Saturday for the Notre Dame game. Cooley noticed it during warm-ups, took umbrage, had assistant Mike Jackson give the kid a PC T-shirt and made him wear it.

-John Feinstein recently reported in the Washington Post that Siena and Detroit Mercer are possible additions to the new Catholic league and that Creighton is not because the Catholic 7 does not want to expand that far west.

-The piece also stated that former Big East Commissioner Mike Tranghese is not a candidate for the same role with the new Catholic league because its current presidents hold a grudge over his bringing football into the Big East.

-However, local media members who are close to Friar hoops took exception with the validity of the report via Twitter.

-But did not get specific other than to say the Catholic 7 are not close to deciding on whom to invite.

-Which happens first, the Catholic 7 and the Big East settle their disagreements, or we get a new Pope?

Have a great weekend Friartown.  Be safe.

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