T.G.I.F: Thank God It’s Friartown 03.01.13

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-Hope you like change Friartown because the time has come to look at things differently.

-It is no longer about next year or trying to get a decent win or two to build on.

-It is no longer about the potential for future success.

-It is about real and measurable progress.

-It is about now. It is about this team.  This year.

-Your Friars have a chance to achieve something real.

-They already have in many ways.

-They may or may not get into the NCAA tournament discussion but I believe the Friars have reached the point where they will not let the moment beat them.

-Because they have demonstrated they know what it takes to win in the Big East.

-These Friars have learned they can’t take any opponent or situation for granted, and understand that while they will have some rough stretches over the course of 40 minutes they can stay the course and battle through rather than fold up the tent, panic or get desperate.

-They have learned that it revolves around defensive intensity.

-They have learned to trust and believe in what they are trying to accomplish.

-More specifically it is about Saturday night.

-At The Dunk.

-Against St. John’s.

-No better setting.

- And it is a big one to be sure.

-One of the most important regular season games for the Friars in years.

-Mission March

-It is a fitting and timely matchup as well. People circled this game on the schedule early on given the teams  are on similar paths and due to the recruiting back story as Ed Cooley and Steve Lavin vied for talent.

-Those clashes favored Lavin, but recruiting is one thing. Let’s see who wins the battle on the floor.

-Providence – St. John’s has a chance to be one of the great rivalries for years to come in the new Catholic league.

-This is obvious but the suspension of D’Angelo Harrison, St. John’s leading scorer (15.3 PPG in Big East games) and best free throw shooter among those with any meaningful number of attempts, is a huge loss for the Red Storm.

-Before this news broke, I had planned to write that Harrison is St. John’s most dangerous player and the one who scared me the most leading into Saturday’s game.

-I guess I just wrote it anyway.

-Even with Harrison, the Johnnies have struggled to find consistent scoring this season, averaging just 64.3 points per game in Big East play (11th in the league) and have scored fewer than 60 points in seven of their 15 conference games

-By comparison, the Friars are scoring 67.1 points per game in conference play (6th in the league) and have failed to reach 60 just three times (two of them victories).

-Not a reason or excuse for the Friars to relax at all.  And they won’t.

-LaDontae Henton has elevated his game in recent weeks.  Buckets is averaging 16.3 points and 9.8 rebounds over his last four games.

-That includes two straight double-doubles, giving Henton ten this season (had nine last year) which trails only Notre Dame’s Jack Cooley (18) in the Big East.

-The four game surge for Henton includes better three-point shooting (and shot selection).  Buckets has gone 7-12 (58.3%) from deep during that time.

-The other big news this week of course were the reports that negotiations between the Catholic 7 and the Big East appear to be progressing so well that the new Catholic league could actually start play next year as a ten team league, ultimately rounding out to twelve in year two.

-And it looks like the Catholic 7 will make good use of some of that stockpiled Big East exit fee and NCAA tournament unit cash to keep the Big East name and lock up Madison Square Garden as its conference tournament venue.

-Oh, and there is that monster TV deal from Fox, which could be announced on Tuesday.

-In other words, it could not have worked out better for the Catholic 7.

-If the reports are true, give some credit to both sides for working this out amicably, sensibly and quickly.
-Individual honors are what they are but Bryce Cotton should be on this year’s All-Big East 1st Team.

-Probably won’t happen though.  And for no good reason.

-What will happen is Georgetown’s Otto Porter being named Big East Player of the Year.

-St. John’s did receive some good news this week when (yes, former Friar target) Orlando Sanchez was granted one year of eligibility which he will use next season.

-Sanchez was originally ruled ineligible because he played three minutes for the Dominican Republic national team.

-And the NCAA had ruled the case closed.

-That was until the last week or so when St. John’s hired attorney to challenge the ruling.

-Well they must have hired Breaking Bad’s Saul Goodman because that was some quick work.

Call Saul. (Photo by Bob Odenkirk, breaking-bad.de)

Call Saul. (Photo by Bob Odenkirk, breaking-bad.de)

-Ironically Lavin red-shirted God’sgift Achiuwa thinking Sanchez would play this year and now will have them both back next season with one year of eligibility left.

-That commercial where Dikembe Mutombo is blocking everything cracks me up every time.

-A hundred NFL players will have their contracts restructured so teams can free up cap space this off season. Tom Brady should not be praised nor vilified for being one of them.

-Contract restructuring as much a part of the league as film study or reading defenses.

-But Brady’s e-mail commenting on the matter was intended to be private, and should not have been made public without his permission.

-Which he did not grant, and was apparently not happy when it got out.

-While we are at it, I don’t think it is right, fair or responsible for professional media to speculate publicly on potential successors for a coach who has not been fired.

-Or at least one whose impending firing can be confirmed and corroborated by multiple and trusted sources.

-Soooo, those post season uniforms designed by Adidas for Notre Dame, Louisville, Cincinnati, Kansas, Baylor and UCLA?

-Ummmm. Some sort of Harlem Shake prelude, maybe?

-Let’s get this tomorrow.

Have a great weekend Friartown.  Be safe.

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  1. Jonathan Kale says:

    “-A hundred NFL players will have their contracts restructured so teams can free up cap space this off season. Tom Brady should not be praised nor vilified for being one of them.”

    -ONE (1) NFL player will intentionally receive approximately $33 million less than the open market would have paid him. That player is Tom Brady. He will receive LESS THAN HALF the salary of what the market would bear for him, so that his team can be better. ZERO (0) other players in the NFL have done this. Brady should absolutely be praised.

    Other than that great article though.

  2. FriarFrenzy says:

    Thanks Jonathan. I just think way too big a deal was made about the Brady thing. Not going to pretend I know enough about the financials but players, especially those who continue to have prime earning power like Brady, are not giving up anything. I believe Brady ended up with more guaranteed money by restructuring. I do think & agree he is a team guy though. The Pats are fortunate to have him. Thanks

    & I like your screen name. Go St. Andrews!


    1. Jonathan Kale says:

      Fair enough. Great site you guys got here. Looks like you’re attracting a new demographic: Reeling delusional UCon fans (see comment above). Have fun in Conference USA 2.0!

      1. FriarFrenzy says:

        & the new and improved Big East will be top notch!

  3. LastBastionOfHope says:

    You guys are just getting lucky. Providence is still one of the worst Big East teams and belongs in the A-10 if they ever want to really win consistently. You get yet more luck facing a SJ team without its leading scorer tomorrow. Providence is a team that is just “blah” but gets an upset every once in a blue moon. Every team but DePaul has had more recent success than Providence…even Rutgers. SJ and SH were ranked in the past few years. When’s the last time Providence was ranked…15 years ago?

    1. FriarFrenzy says:

      Dear Last. I am not concerned about the last time the Friars were ranked. I am looking forward to the next time they are ranked…which is sooner than later. Thanks for reading. I appreciate it. -FF

  4. FriarFrenzy says:

    Jonathan. Thank you. We have a lot of fun contributing to the site & are passionate about the Friars and college hoops.