T.G.I.F: Thank God It’s Friartown 03.15.13

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-It was a good run while it lasted but it was not to be. The Friars ran into two good teams in Connecticut and Cincinnati who played well while Providence sputtered a bit, for various reasons. All in all it is a season (hopefully not over) that Friartown can be proud of and certainly one to build upon.

-The NIT can be a funny beast when it comes to selections but you would have to think the Friars will be in.

-Their resume is acceptable and they have the added bonus of being one of only a couple of Big East teams that will be considered and should draw well at The Dunk.

-Getting an NIT bid would be a very positive step for this program, especially when you factor in where it was two years ago.

-Perhaps things would have been different if the injury and depth situation was not so extreme early on, causing the chemistry to be off well into conference play but I am not so sure.

-Certainly the Connecticut and Cincinnati games indicated that the Friars were not quite an NCAA tournament caliber team just yet.   Connecticut and Cincinnati are.

-Yes I know Connecticut cannot play in the NCAA tournament this year. Stop it.

-It is one thing to get beat physically or because of a talent discrepancy but the Friars did not play well mentally in the last two games.

-They played the opponent’s game and were not able to impose their own style consistently enough.

-It had plenty to do with who they were playing but the Friars were rushed and it led to poor shot selection.

-A lot of the open shots were not falling either, which happens, but could have not come at a worse juncture.

-In a previous TGIF installment I talked about not being sympathetic about the Big East breaking up because I did not think it made sense to give the schools that caused the breakup a pass.  I said it did not have to happen.  They did not have to leave.   Well…

-Like the Big Tuna once said, “I reserve the right to change my mind.”

-Sort of anyway.

-I still think traditional Big East schools like Syracuse and Pittsburgh bolting for ‘greener’ pastures is selfish and deserves no positive ink.  They can go pound sand (or tobacco) as far as I’m concerned.

-But what I failed to separate was the schools’ out of touch decision makers from their basketball programs and traditions.

-Because these programs helped make the Big East the greatest college basketball conference that will ever exist.

-And the Big East tournament the ultimate showcase.

-Seeing this last Big East tournament as we know it play out is the reason I have changed my tune (or tuna).

-So come Saturday when a champion is crowned it will be OK to hold on to the numerous memories created by the bevy of timeless classics this league has provided but it will also be time to move forward.

-And a very promising future awaits.

-Given the Friars performance in the Big East tournament over the years maybe it would have been better if the Catholic 7 did not retain Madison Square Garden for future tournaments.

-If you get the ball behind or under your offensive backboard don’t try to shoot.

-You have watched PC this year and you know those attempts get blocked like 98% of the time.

-Not going to rail too much on Vincent Council as his career and talent speak for themselves but he did not play well in these last two key games.

-It’s not all on Council either.  He and his teammates played hard against Cincinnati but no one really played well.

-Providence’s lack of depth showed itself as the season wore on.

-Offensive execution definitely regressed, including in some of the wins during the hot streak.

-See Bryce Cotton.  His numbers were actually better prior to the team going on its run in February.

-In all games prior to February 3 (Villanova), Cotton shot 46.6% from the floor and 40.3% from three point range.  The numbers did not really change when looking at only Big East games prior to February 3 (47.1%/39.2%) but they fall off dramatically from February 3 on.  During that stretch Cotton shot just 37.1% from the floor and 29.4% from downtown.

-That said congratulations to ICE on his First Team All-Big East selection.  It was earned and deserved without question.

-Same goes for Kadeem Batts’ All-Big East Honorable Mention and co-Most Improved Player accolades.

-Batts’ MIP partner, Michael Carter-Williams is a tremendous talent and had a big year but classifying him as ‘most improved’ does not seem to capture the spirit of the award as much as Batts does.

-I’ll watch the Friars play anytime but definitely understand Ed Cooley’s position on not playing in the CBI if no NIT bid comes to Friartown.

-Especially if you buy into the idea that the season long lack of depth is taking its toll now.

-An issue which the Friars should not have next year.

-Are the Patriots just going to put the number 83 jersey on Danny Amendola and hope nobody notices?

So you are saying I should sign "Wes Welker" on all autographs but I still get the $31 Mil?  OK! (Photo: msn.foxsports)

So you are saying I should sign “Wes Welker” on all autographs but I still get the $31 Mil? OK! (Photo: msn.foxsports)

-Amendola’s fantasy football value went up a bit this week though.

-Which is to say he has some now?

Have a great weekend Friartown.  Be safe.

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