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Take a rewind back to November 2012. We had just found out that Ricky Ledo will most likely not be playing this year. Questions were being raised if Kris Dunn would be able to play this year because of his shoulder injury, or if he’d have to redshirt. We were fielding an already thin team with two key frontcourt players – Carson Desrosiers and Tyler Harris – ineligible this season due to transfer rules, and another frontcourt member – Sidiki Johnson – not able to play until Colgate for the same reason. Then, Vincent Council, our ONLY senior and ONLY true point guard at the time, got injured within minutes of the first game.

If any of you honestly said “you know, I think this team will definitely win at least 8 Big East games, get hot in February, and be just shy of the NCAA bubble” you were either:

  1. Lying
  2. Drunk
  3. On an illegal amount of Prozac and medical marijuana
  4. Both 1 and 2 but not 3

And yet, here we are, now 8-8, definitely .500 overall for the season, and currently listed as the 8th or 9th team out of the NCAA tournament (or, if you’re Jay Bilas, we’re in the top 68 but not really). Sure, nothing is set in stone for the NCAA tournament, but did you honestly think we’d even be having this discussion back in November?

Better question – is there any doubt about this team left?

If you said “yes” to the above, these words are dedicated to you.

You know how this works, let’s dive in!

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Shoe Rac: Rutgers Recap

Daniel "The Warrior Friar" James —  February 25th, 2013 11:06 PM —  Comments

After a complete buzzkill loss at Syracuse a lot of fans entered this game pretty skeptical I feel. It’s reasonable to feel skeptical after losing your previous matchup in such a disheartening way. And hell, for the first 16 minutes of the Rutgers game, it looked like we could’ve had a far more frustrating loss.

And then, the Friars came to life in a way that only a GIF could accurately describe:

The CWO would approve.

A 19-0 run to close out the half pushed the Friars into…well why am I telling you this now? Keep reading after the jump!

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…You know, I’m really starting to run out of ways to introduce these great wins. But hey, that’s a good problem to have; like not knowing what to spend all your extra money on, or what to do with all the booze people leave at your house after a party.

I guess I’m just gonna have to bite the bullet and drink all of this.

That’s not to take anything away from this win though. Like I wrote in the last recap this team has truly turned a leaf, and winning over a team like Notre Dame proves that Providence not only can win, but can and will win big (BAM! Ed Cooley reference!). But listen to me, let’s dive into it!

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Bully! USF Recap

Daniel "The Warrior Friar" James —  February 14th, 2013 11:40 PM —  Comments

Welp, it’s official. It’s really official. We have a win streak. Three in a row. Road wins? Not a fluke. Protecting the home court? Not a fluke.

It’s really real.

So, so much win.

What’s the deal with this though? I mean, honestly – is this a showing of things to come, or are we just hitting a temporary stroke of good luck? Well, let’s talk about it!

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There were a lot of questions raised for the game against Cincinnati. How would the Friars handle themselves after a solid road over Villanova? What would the team be like without Sidiki Johnson? Would this be another close game, or would we get blown out?

What the hell is a bearcat?

Fortunately, the Friars showed a lot of grit and tenacity, especially on defense, and pulled away against a top 20 team. What was most impressive about this win was the defense. And we’re going to dissect that bad Larry after the jump!

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So…Bryce Cotton hit a game winner 3 point heave with 2.2 seconds left on the clock. This picture sums it up.

Credit to Twitter user @Bradling1215 for the pic! Give him a follow too!

Seriously, Bryce Cotton was a superstar. He hit the shot that got the Friars a second road win this season. Mind you, this was no easy feat – this same Villanova team took the loss to the Friars the first time around and used it to beat Louisville and Syracuse in the Pavilion. So this win was kind of a big deal.

How’d it happen? Let’s talk about it after the jump!

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So, first we had the “Xavier brother calling a timeout” game against Marquette, then we had the “Greedy Peterson has dangerous elbows” game against Marquette, and now we have “oh shit oh shit oh shit there’s a bat in the building” game against Marquette. Wanna take a guess what all references will be related to in today’s recap?

“COME AT ME, BRO” – The Bat

Well, I can’t top this, so let’s get this party started after the jump.

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Well, another day another team we’ll never play in conference again. I’m not going to get all nostalgic - one reason is because it’s 1 AM and after waking up from a cold-debilitating coma I just don’t have that kind of energy. The other reason is because it’s been bittersweet. On the one hand we beat Pitt when they were top ranked. On another hand they:

  • Beat us at home when they were fifth in country after being down five with what I recall to be only a minute left (I was on a cruise in the middle of the ocean during that game and watched the score updates on the ESPN ticker)
  • Beat us on a buzzer beater heave when we played them the year after we took them down as no. 1
  • Beat us by four in a game after we beat Villanova…oh wait that was this game! (I knew it was this game)

We got a lot to talk about, so let’d get into it! Today, all references will be Mr. T related (more or less), sooo be ready for that.

Hey, you with the teeth…be ready.

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It’s hard to talk about this game in a way. It has nothing to do with the fact the Friars lost 66-72, nor does it have much to do with how they lost. It’s hard to talk about because it truly does feel like the beginning of the end of an era. There won’t be a “next year when we play the Cuse…” because there’s no promise we’ll play them next year (or ever again outside of tournaments), and there isn’t going to be a “when they come to the Dunk during the Big East season…” because there won’t be a Big East season for Syracuse ever again. The avalanche the Pitt and Syracuse chancellors started in August 2011 is stampeding towards the end-of-the-season finish line at this point. Kind of sad if you think about it.

Year in and year out in the Big East, nobody could mach Coach Boehiem’s dress style. Are you taking notes Jay Wright?

But enough nostalgia, let’s talk basketball!

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Good Morning Friartown,

Welcome to your midweek edition of the Crunch. Unfortunately for the many loyal readers of the weekend edition, I will be enjoying the sunny, 75 degree weather of Las Vegas this weekend, but don’t worry, if I can somehow wake up at 9AM Saturday morning, I should be able to catch the opening tip at the local sports book, where I would feel very confident betting on PC at this point in time, but that also means I won’t have the time or means to Crunch for you, so here we are.

Wanting to make sure the stat geeks out there can get their fix for the week, let’s talk Holy Cross, or check that, let’s took about how Providence just picked apart Holy Cross, mostly in the second half, on route to a 61-42 win. Granted, this game was not that close, and it was 61-31 at the under four minute timeout, before a royal rumble broke out and PC decided to stop playing defense. Coach Cooley’s head might have been ready to explode, but for a team who really only played six guys again tonight, another gutsy performance by the Friars.

Let’s start off this week’s Crunch with a little trivia question: When was the last time PC held a team to 42 or less points, and can you guess the team? And I’ll give you a bonus hint: Tim Higgins officiated that game! Oh wait, guess it seems he refs every game, doesn’t it?

Regardless, for that answer, you are just going to have to click to continue.

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