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As the final days of summer begin to wind down it is time to start turning our attention to Friar Basketball and the 2013-14 season. We will be taking a closer look at the teams in the Big East and we focus on St. John’s. Last season St. John’s finished at 17-16 (8-10) and did not make postseason play. For a look at this upcoming season, and what we can expect from the Red Storm, we have two St. John’s bloggers helping us out for this edition.

Quinn Rochford: Editor/Writer, Rumble in the Garden; @QSTJHoops

Norman Rose: Editor-in-chief, Rumble in the Garden; @ecoastbias

1. In 100 words or less describe St. John’s 2012-13 season.

Quinn: If you were to ask me to do it in one word, I would have said “chaotic.” Aside from the up-and-down season on the court, where the Red Storm found themselves losing its final four conference games after starting 8-6, St. John’s endured a lot off the floor as well. Between Steve Lavin’s father, Cap, passing away in February, Orlando Sanchez’ legal fight for 2013-14 eligibility and D’Angelo Harrison’s season-ending suspension, the Johnnies lit enough fireworks to light the sky. So, when you look at the body of work that culminated in an NIT berth, the result wasn’t terrible but still shy of expectations.

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What up Friar fans?!

In anticipation for tonight’s game against the Red Storm I got to swap some questions, give some answers, and share a few laughs with the good folk over at Rumble in the Garden. I asked about all the players we missed out on (DAMN YOU ST. JOHN’S!), what’s up with their season, and talk about who we would appoint if we could name any fictional character to be commissioner of the new Big East. So click that little link right underneath here to see what they have to say, and read my answers to their questions here!

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If you haven’t noticed by now, there’s been a bit of a phenomenon sweeping Friartown. And I’m not talking about defense. I’m talking about the Cooley World Order, otherwise known at the CWO.

I fear no man, no beast or basketball team, brother.

The legends

The CWO – comprised of Hentonwood Hogan (Tyler), Big Sexy (Brad), and Scott “Federall Hill” Hall (Dave) is much more than a few fans in costumes. In a matter of a few games this group not only managed to excite the fanbase but also define themselves in a class reserved for fanatics like the Phantom Friar and the Blues Brothers. But who are these men of the CWO? I had a chance go to one on one with Tyler Hentonwood Hogan and find out. Check out my interview after the jump!

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2DF316B2-04C6-4DE6-B617-89E8F7E0AA13Yesterday I had the opportunity of joining some of the best journalists to cover Providence College basketball for an exclusive men’s basketball media day, held right on campus. Featuring the full roster and head coach Ed Cooley, we had about 45 minutes to ask what we could to who we wanted. If we wanted to ask about the offseason, excitement for this year, or if they enjoyed the food or not – it was all up to us. Being the hard hitting journalist I am, I wanted know point blank from Kris Dunn if he enjoyed eating Ray food. Like the Daily Show, I ask the questions other people don’t have time to ask.

Joined by Chris “Friar Broadcaster” Torello we went out to get some answers that are on everyone’s mind – where’s Ledo at, what’s Sidiki been up to this offseason, and how Kadeem Batts is using that Louisville game from last season to structure a better game for himself. Read on to get the story on the season from the perspective of the people who play it out – the Friars.

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The new Friar hotness in nicknames. BUCKETS AND ICE.

In early August, announced that Bryce Cotton was joining the Global Sports Academy Tour this summer in Europe. Around the same time the tour was getting started, LaDontae Henton tweeted he was going to Europe as well, presumably to play with Bryce. From August 8th to the 16th, the two Friars did in fact make the trek to Belgium, Germany, and France to play various Euro League teams for the non-profit organization GSA in order to help “promote international goodwill and a better understanding between nations through sports”. How did they do on the court while there were in the middle of promoting goodwil? Other than some basic scores from the GSA twitter feed, Ice Cotton and LaDontae were true international men of mystery.

To get more insight on what Buckets and Ice did over there (by the way, had did I miss this nickname combination last year?!), I exchanged some emails with their head coach on the tour, Greg Manning. Greg is the current Loyola University of Maryland assistant coach, who also played there for 4 years.

Big thanks to Greg for taking the time to provide Friartown with his thoughts on how they did on the tour.

Friarblog: First of all coach, sounds like you had a successful trip with a 5-0 record. What was the competition like?

Greg Manning: We had a great group of unselfish guys which is the reason I believe e were able to go 5-0. We played two First Division team and 3 Second Division teams. The competition was pretty good. The first division teams had kid that could play at the mid major and high major level. They were big and really know how to play the game. We had to make sure we brought it each time we stepped on the court.

Friarblog: Were there any official stats recorded for Henton or Cotton? If not, what can you tell us about their playing time, role on the team etc. Any big games or moments from either that stand out?

Greg Manning: We do have stats which I have attached to the email. Both guys were tremendous for me. Our second game which we won by 2 Henton was huge. He took over down the stretch. He really showed his ability to get his own shot. I put him in high pick and rolls the last few times down the floor and he got us a bucket each time.

(Ed. note: including stats)


LaDontae Henton: 18.6 PPG, 4.6 RPB

Bryce Cotton: 14.8 PPG, 3.8 PPG

Game Stats


GAME Points Rebounds Assists
GSA 92, CEP Fluerus 65 18 6 2
GSA 78, Gent Dragons 76 20 3 4
GSA 113, LTV 59 16 5 4
GSA 115, Solingen Sharks 80 16 4 3
GSA 100, SJBA 87 23 5 1


GAME Points Rebounds Assists
GSA 92, CEP Fluerus 65 6 4 3
GSA 78, Gent Dragons 76 7 4 1
GSA 113, LTV 59 24 4 1
GSA 115, Solingen Sharks 80 19 5 2
GSA 100, SJBA 87 21 2 1

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