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The PC Athletic Department posted a video today of all of our Friars (except poor Kris Dunn) answering some questions in order to get to know them better. What did we find out about our young student athletes? I felt like I was perusing a copy of US Weekly (my wife’s I SWEAR) because THEY’RE JUST LIKE US! At least in my college years. It seems that everyone likes to play video games and sleep/nap, prompting me to wonder how my tremendous gaming and napping skills didn’t translate to Friar Basketball in the early Tim Welsh years.

Here is what else jumped out at me:

Ted Bancroft likes to take a bath before the game? I don’t know why, but the way he deadpanned delivered that made me laugh out loud at work. Is it a bubble bath? Is there Kenny G involved? We need to know these things.

Good to see that no one is afraid of Ed Cooley, despite all the yelling and growling on the sidelines last year during bonehead plays and frequent defensive lapses. Although after that awesome Cooley impersonation by Kadeem Batts, he may have some wind sprints coming up shortly…

Lee Goldsbrough has been here two years now, but I feel like I’ve never heard him talk on video (I know he’s from England). The girls at PC must swoon over that accent.

When Sidiki Johnson signed on with PC earlier in the year, he seemed very lean. Is there something up with the camera angle, or has he really, um bulked up? What are you doing to our players, Ray Cafe?

Ledo is still wearing Bancroft’s jersey number. Where is the #1?

How was there no mention of Twitter amongst all these frequent Tweeters!?

What was Council’s impersonation of Sidiki Johnson? “Copy Copy”? We need to know more.

Maybe they wanted to keep Dunn away from the camera because he is in a sling? Seeing him in uniform would have gotten me amped.

Henton is awesome, and he calls his Mom before every game. Mama Buckets must be proud, and does a great job preparing her little Buckets pregame.

via @PCAthletics

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