T.G.I.F: Thank God It’s Friartown 12.21.12

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Thoughts and prayers continue to be with all impacted by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Wish it never had to be, but the Providence College community should be proud of the tribute paid to the fallen on Tuesday night. Classy, on point and not overstated.

There were some damp eyes in the house during the very heavy moment of silence following the well stated video remarks of Ed Cooley and Bob Driscoll.

I know I was looking at it all through a pair.

Appeared to affect the players coming out of the gate as well. How could it not have? The game was way down on the list for everyone in the building at that point.

Eventually the focus turned to Providence versus Colgate and, from a basketball standpoint, hope was tangible in Friartown.

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Last night’s performance brought a lot of words to a lot of people. Some were blown away by the performance on court, others were touched by the support shown for Newtown with the green jerseys. I myself sat in my chair for a moment after the game, processing the night’s performance in my mind like a highlight reel, and could only come up with two words:


The Friars were picked dead last in the Big East this year, essentially everyone writing them off at the time with Dunn injured, Ledo ineligible, and a bench about as deep as a puddle. Cooley has made sure nobody has forgotten that this is what they’re perceived as – putting the projected standings up for his players to see. And, while they haven’t won anything yet, the matchup against Colgate was a step in the direction that Cooley wants to see his team move in.

And they’re looking damn good walking there too.

Time to re-examine this team.

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Providence vs Colgate Full Game Video

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Miss the game? Here is the full video from last night’s victory over Colgate. Kris Dunn and Sidiki Johnson made their Friar debuts.

Via FriarTV

Kris Dunn on Debut

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Kris Dunn made his highly anticipated Providence debut on Tuesday night scoring 7 points (3-13 shooting), pulling down 6 rebounds, and tying the Friar freshman record with 13 assists. Here is talking to the New London Day after the game.

via The Day

The Providence Friars moved to 8-2 on the year after crushing Colgate 79-45. Kris Dunn had quite the first impression, setting a Friar record for assists in a debut with 13 in 27 minutes of play. Bryce Cotton scored 21 points to lead everyone as usual, and Josh Fortune had some hot shooting to finish with 17 points. LaDontae Henton had 10 rebounds.

Ed Cooley spoke to the media following the game joined by Kris Dunn. You can listen below.

Friars Green Jerseys To Honor Sandy Hook

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In tonight’s 79-45 win against Colgate the Friars honored Sandy Hook by wearing special green jerseys.

PC coach Ed Cooley, who previously coached at Fairfield (Newtown is in Fairfield County), said he notified Nike that he wanted to have special uniforms made for the occasion. He said the school would then send the jerseys to the victims’ families.

Cooley said he wants to have Providence wear a special uniform to honor the Sandy Hook Elementary school victims every year at this time of the season.

Here are some shots of the jerseys.


Photo by @Mahigg07


Photo by ferg_10 on Instagram

Photo by @PCAthletics

Photo by @PCAthletics


Photo by msurtel on Instagram

Photo by msurtel on Instagram

Photo by @antnotar on Instagram

Photo by @antnotar on Instagram


Photo by @TheWarriorFriar

Photo by @TheWarriorFriar

colgateThe near two week semester break was much needed time off for Ed Cooley’s Fightin’ Friars. However, Friartown has been itching for some basketball, especially basketball that involves the much anticipated PC debuts of Kris Dunn and Sidiki Johnson. At least there were some things that kept us busy during this whole time, like you know, the BIG EAST imploding and PC actually being involved in some positive conference realignment news for the first time ever. Now that we know what the Catholic 7 generally want to do, all we can do is sit back and wait to see how everything unfolds over the next year. What we don’t have to wait for? Ed Cooley’s basketball team continuing to take full shape. Against Colgate tonight, the Friars will ease into their newfound depth situation as they play their first of three games before grueling BIG EAST play starts.


Game Time: 7:00 PM

Opponent: Colgate (3-7)

Location: The Dunk

Ken Pom: Providence: #71, Colgate: #281

TeamRankings.com Projection: Providence 75.6, Colgate 61.9

Four Factors

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Friartown News and Notes 12.17.12

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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place

picture Friars.com


link A Jersey Guy: Big East ready to respond

So is this the Old Big East, or our basketball Big East? Can we use OBE and BBBE?

According to sources in the Big East, Arseco and company are planning on exploring  the following moves.

1.   Sell the name “”Big East”” to the basketball schools after getting some assurances from the NCAA that the cost of losing the Big East name will not cost them too much in the lucrative NCAA basketball tournament. If the name is sold to the new Big East, the old Big East will petition the NCAA to get a 32nd guaranteed spot for its champion.

Aresco’s contention is that a basketball league with Connecticut, Cincinnati, Memphis and Temple has a decent foundation to build.

2. Give East Carolina full membership (the original deal was football only) which would give the new league an Eastern group of Cincinnati, UConn, South Florida, Temple, East Carolina, Central Florida, Tulane and in 2015 Navy.

link College Basketball Talk: Cooley: “We’re excited” about move away from Big East


The Big East was changing every single day.  There were nontraditional schools being invited and I’m pretty sure it just wasn’t in the best interests of them all.  But we’re excited.  We’re real excited about the direction. I don’t know what’s going to happen from here, I just know it’s going in a different direction. And Providence College has solidified itself as far as what we’re doing to be a powerful player in whatever league we’re going to be in.”

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Brandon Austin – The Journey Episode #2

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Here is the next installment of Jamie Boyer’s series on Friars signee Brandon Austin that is chronicling his senior year of high school at Imhotep Charter in Philadelphia.

Friarpod Episode 6

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Listen to Danny MacNamara, Chris Torello, and (a sick) Daniel James discuss the present state of Friar Basketball in this edition of FriarPod!