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(Image from New England Recruiting Report)

Well, this is escalating quickly.

Florida, UConn, Miami, St. John’s, UCLA, Xavier — you have been kicked off of the Jared Terrell island. Sorry St. John’s, UCLA, Iowa State, Miami, Kentucky and Kansas State, but you have been fired from Abdul Malik Abu’s boardroom. Late last night (why does all of this recent recruiting news happen late at night?) their AAU coach Ty Boswell announced that the two 2014 prospects each cut their list to 4. The one little school that is on both of their lists? Yep, that would be Providence College.

Adding even more fuel to the incredible buzz around Friartown is the fact that both of these players will be at Providence this weekend for Ed Cooley’s Elite Camp. Several big recruiting targets will be attending the second annual Elite Camp hosted by Cooley and staff, but all eyes will be on Terrell and Abu. There have been previous rumors suggesting the two could be a package deal. Given the speed that everything has happened at thus far, and the general awesomeness of Ed Cooley, nothing would surprise me at this point. The event on Saturday already makes for a great day in Friartown. Who is down for something epic?

UPDATE: is reporting that Terrell and Abu will be announcing their decision together at a press conference in September. Oh man.

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2014 Recruiting: Tracking the “Friar Five”

Since Coach Ed Cooley’s arrival at Providence College, the excitement regarding recruiting has risen to a level never before seen in Friartown. From Ladontae Henton shortly after his hire to a top ten class in Kris Dunn, Ricardo Ledo, and Josh Fortune to this year’s recruiting class of Brandon Austin and Rajay Bullock in addition to transfers Carson Desrosiers and Tyler Harris, Ed Cooley has certainly left an impression on the world of recruiting. With that being said, avid followers of Friar basketball recruiting have looked forward to the 2014 recruiting class as where Ed Cooley could leave an even bigger mark. Given the inroads Coach Cooley made early on with 2014 recruits and the number of available scholarships (five), the 2014 recruiting class had the makings of a great one from the start.

By now most Friar fans know the potential “Friar Five” consists of 2014 recruits F Jalen Lindsey, G Jared Terrell, G Kaleb Joseph, C Paschal Chukwu, and F Abdul-Malik Abu. Coach Cooley along with associate head coach Andre Lafleur and assistant coach Bob Simon have been hard at work on the recruiting trail for a long time for each of these prospects. Each of these recruits is a consensus top 100 player nationally and has had many other schools hard after him as well. Friar fans have anxiously been waiting for lists to be trimmed and interviews to be recorded mentioning Providence as a likely destination for any of these recruits. Any combination of these five prospects would make for a great recruiting class, but the “Friar Five” or anything remotely close to it would be an incredible statement for the state of Providence College basketball and it could very well happen. Let’s take an in depth look at the recruitment of each of these players and where it stands in regards to lists and decision timelines. While four of these 2014 prospects are still deep into their recruitment, one prospect has made a decision and decided to take his talents to Friartown, forward Jalen Lindsey.

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Big prospects from the class of 2014, power forward Abdul Malik Abu and shooting guard Jared Terrell, have had numerous suitors over the past year plus. During the busy recruiting periods, it seemed like they would both pick up offers from the top schools around the country every other day. Ed Cooley and his staff have been on both of these young men from the very start, and it has definitely paid off.

Tonight, each recruit announced their top 10 list of schools, with the Providence Friars making the cut in both cases. It has been rumored for quite some time that the Massachusetts natives and Expressions Elite (AAU) teammates would be a package deal, creating a fantastic inside / out combo for any recruiting class.

Here are their lists of schools (via @HoopdreamsMag)

Abdul Malik Abu

NC State


Kansas State



Iowa State




St John’s

Jared Terrell







St Johns




Interestingly enough, the only teams involved from the New Big East are the Friars, St. John’s, and Xavier (for Terrell only).

Friartown News and Notes 10.1.12

dave@friarblog —  October 1st, 2012 9:26 PM —  Comments

All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place

October, and the month where practice officially kicks off is finally here. September is gone, and so is the “Friar Daily” name. Welcome to Friartown News and Notes. Do you have a cool pic with you and your Friar gear, or anything PC basketball related? Email it to and get it featured here!

picture DannyALovi Tweet

The Brooklyn Nets had their Media Day today, and I came across this image of Marshon. Can you blame him for posing like this? It’s the only tactic Keno Davis taught him on defense in three years, and must be hard habit to break. It’s called the scarecrow!


notes Rodney Bullock tweeted this weekend that he had an “amazing” time at his visit. Good work Mr. Fortune. I never saw anything official online saying there was an offer out, but Bullock did confirm to me that he holds an offer from Providence.

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The Friar Daily 9.28.12

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picture Carson Desrosiers Tweet

The boys are looking sharp in the official team photo. What I would give to have all 13 of these guys play this season. Come on, Kris Dunn’s shoulder looks FINE. Get him out on the court! Man, Carson Desrosiers is tall. He should also be proud because he is also the tannest white dude, as an astute person tweets.


notes Rodney Bullock was on his official visit today. According to Steve Hartnett on Twitter, assistant coach Andre LaFleur was the lead recruiter. Of course it had to be a crappy rainy day.

notes 2013 Combo guard Rene Castro was rumored to visit campus this afternoon for an unofficial. Castro, who plays at Worcester Academy, has seen his stock fall over the last year after seeing big interest from such teams as Pitt this past spring. I’ve heard George Washington is one of the leaders, and he has a lot of offers from other A-10 schools. Providence has not offered as of yet from what I understand.

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The Friar Daily 9.25.12

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picture Deron Williams Instagram

Deron Williams said he was enjoying some popcorn out of “Rook” Marshon Brooks’ car with Reggie Evans. I guess since they technically haven’t started the season yet, Marshon is still considered a rookie? That’s rough. If that was kettle corn though, I would actually be pretty siked to find that in my car. Mmm, salty and sweet. I don’t know if I would be eating it with my shirt off though.


youtube YouTube: Bryce Cotton Ready for 2012 Season

And I am ready for ICE Cotton. We need to get Cox Sports on board with this. Remember when Cotton almost transferred this offseason? That sucked. Cooley keeping him on board was just as good as adding a good recruit IMO.

notes New England Hoops News reported that Florida State is the latest school to offer both Jared Terrell and Abdul-Malik Abu. They don’t know if the two 2014 big prospects are a package deal quite yet, but there are over 10 schools that have offers out to both. PC is one of the schools in hot pursuit, and they have already been on campus for visits.

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The Friar Daily 9.24.12

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picture Lisa Hashway Tweet

The Friar was spotted on campus today. I know he’s been around for a while, but does he have any eligibility left? We need a live body for the 1st semester. Hit up one Ed Cooley’s workouts, Friar Mascot!


notes What URI did this weekend landing E.C. Matthews and Hassan Martin was great and all, but I think we need to dial it down on the whole Cooley vs. Hurley thing. Matthews is a great get, and URI is giving him the opportunity to play point guard. We have that Kris Dunn guy, remember? Hassan Martin seems like a solid forward, but with Harris and Desrosiers on board for next year, where would he fit in right away? Let’s face it, the Friars have not been winning much for a long time, so it’s going to be tough convincing some of these guys to be role players from the start. Cooley can sell his vision and himself, which is certainly a factor, but the W’s need to come at some point. I have faith that Ed Cooley will fill in the 2013 class with good pieces, setting up for a really big season. That being said, the PC / URI game in Kingston next year is going to be amazing.

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The Friar Daily 9.20.12

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picture Ricky Ledo Instagram

Look at that form. Next year. *Deep breath*.


link Severe, Martin to Visit Rhode Island Friday (UPDATED)

Hassan Martin, 2013 forward, has Providence in his final 3 according to his AAU coach. Iowa State was nixed apparently. He is visiting URI this weekend, but not sure why he wouldn’t also hit up PC. Lots of recruiting battles going on between Cooley and Hurley! They both are also in the mix for 2013 guard E.C. Matthews.

Martin is a 6-7, 190-pound power forward from Curtis on Staten Island who visited Rhode Island unofficially in June.

“I think he’s down to Rhode Island, Providence and St. Joe’s,” said Chris Alesi, Martin’s AAU coach with New Heights.

Alesi said “he’s going to be a kid that has a chance to be a high-impact player depending on where he goes. He’s got the potential to be a wing down the road. He’s skinny but real, real athletic. He’s a real big-time athlete.”

notes Got confirmation that Coach Cooley was in Indy yesterday meeting with 2013 guard Ron Patterson’s parents. Not sure how it went yet, but I bet the rents want him to come east!

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The Friar Daily 9.17.12

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picture Kadeem Batts Instagram

I’m not sure what the team was doing this weekend to get all spruced up together, but this picture is pretty awesome. Council with the three-point… monocle?  Check out Ricky back there (he’s still here!!). Ice Cotton looks like the assassin he is out on the court when his three is falling.


youtube YouTube: Abdul Malik Abu Workout

Abdul Malik Abu has to be near the top of the list for highly ranked yet attainable 2014 targets for Ed Cooley and the Friars. Cooley made a trip up to Boston last week to see the talented forward. What did he see? Probably something like this – Here is a workout video of him from Hoop Dreams Magazine. I prefer the Shake Weight to hone all of my general physical skills, but this seems like a perfectly fine workout for basketball reasons.

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The Friar Daily 9.14.12

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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place

picture Marshon in Russia

Marshon had a successful week in Russia, meeting Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, dealing with Russian vodka, and spending some time teaching young Euros how to play the basketball. This picture really makes me want to play Tetris. Original Gameboy Tetris was where it was at.


(Photo by ESPN)

link ESPN New York: Brooks’ goal: Sixth Man Award

Our boy Marshon is all growns up. Creating opportunities!?!

“I feel like the sixth man is a much more important role these days. It’s used a lot of different,” Brooks said. “I wouldn’t say there’s anything wrong with the Thunder’s perspective. I think with James Harden coming off the bench, they could run their offense through him — and that’s what I can do. I’m just going to provide that spark for the team in any way possible. I’m going to look to create opportunities for my teammates as well as score the ball.”

link Newsday: MarShon Brooks opens up about dealing with trade rumors

I’m glad the Nets were able to keep him, as I enjoy the ability to throw on YES on any given night with the chance to catch Marshon in action.

“It was tough,” Brooks told Newsday on Thursday in a conversation from Moscow, Russia, where he’s participating in the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders program. “It was my first time going through that, my first time going through trade rumors. But at the end of the day, I looked at myself in the mirror and I said, ‘We are talking about Dwight Howard right now, so get out your feelings, young man.’
“Dwight Howard is Dwight Howard, so I got over it as time went on. But it was tough at first, seeing my name in so many different trade rumors. But I got over it. It’s a business. This is what I signed up for, so this is what I get.”

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