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In a recent article that focused primarily on the verbal commitment to Brown of  St. Andrews (RI) star Center, Cedric Kuakumensah a brief reference was attributed to St. Andrew’s Head Coach Michael Hart regarding Ricardo Ledo, who played for Hart while at St. Andrew’s.  The article stated Hart “remains on the fence about whether the Ledo-PC relationship can work”.

I reached out to Coach Hart for further insight and he indicated it was more a concern that ‘negative outside influences in the area are hindering Ricardo’s progress’ as opposed to any direct potential issues between Ledo and Providence College.

In actuality Coach Hart is rooting for Ledo and feels PC is a good situation for him (other than the geography perhaps), “If there is one coach that can really help Ricardo it is Coach Cooley and I hope it works! I’ll be his biggest fan!!”

Friars Links 9.29.11

dave@friarblog —  September 29th, 2011 8:59 PM —  Comments

Rumble in the Garden:  Blogger roundtable: the newcomers we’re excited to see

The latest installment of the BIG EAST roundtable. For newcomer I was most excited with, I went with the FOCUS MACHINE.

Can I do a “what” here instead? During Ed Cooley’s initial press conference, he said “I love the treadmill in practice. I call it the focus machine. If you can’t focus in practice, you’re going to go to the focus machine.” Friar fans ate this up and with good reason.

The lack of discipline and accountability constantly plagued the Keno Davis error, so it’s great hearing that Cooley plans to get Friartown focused.

Friar Basketball:  38 in 76: #20 Ten Must-see Games

I am excited for all the BIG EAST games that Kevin mentioned, but I am really looking forward to Cooley’s first game in the URI series. One of these days we will win at the Ryan Center. I just hope it doesn’t snow again.

December 23 at Rhode Island: Cooley can give Providence fans an early Christmas gift by defeating the Rams at the Ryan Center for the first time.  RICK PITINO BLOG 9-29-11

Admist the never ending talk of conference alignment (seriously, there is a new rumor on Twitter every day and I can’t take it anymore), Rick Pitino insists that the BIG EAST will not lose a step. Here is why:

Rutgers and Seton Hall have two outstanding young coaches who will turn things around and make great strides.

 DePaul will press their way back into competitiveness .

 Marquette is a team you should be concerned about when you get off the bus.

Georgetown, Villanova, Cincinnati, St. Johns, West Virginia, UConn, and Louisville will always be some of the strongest teams in college basketball.

 USF and TCU are a unique situation, but with two or three great additions to their rosters anything can happen.

Woh back up the bus slick Rick. BEEP BEEP BEEP.  What about Ed Cooley and the Friars (he also doesn’t mention Notre Dame for some reason)? I know you were one of the 4 teams to lose to the lowly Friars in the conference last year and might be a little embarrassed, but are you really going to mention Rutgers, Seton Hall, and MOTHER EFFING DEPAUL as reasons why the BIG EAST will be OK? After blogging some more, you might want to check out next year’s recruiting rankings.

UPDATE: Either I am an idiot (highly possible) or a paragraph was added for PC. I can’t imagine missing that at the end, although I am constantly sleep deprived.

The Cowl:  Cooley Promises “Something They Have Never Seen Before”

@CWHager cracked me up on Twitter with his comment on the article: “Defense? Unity? No arrests?”

Midnight Madness will be the first time the students will really see what Coach Cooley is all about. “I will do the ‘Dougie’with the team,” said Cooley. “I am also hoping to pull some students out onto the floor and have them compete to win some prizes.” Cooley wants everyone to know that he is in this for all of us. He isn’t recruiting 24 hours a day for himself or the team; he is doing it for the school and the city of Providence. We have ourselves a big man on campus now—Ed Cooley.  Boston Sports Night

Like people in Boston need another reason to drink!

Please join Athletic Director Bob Driscoll along with head men’s basketball coach, Ed Cooley, head women’s basketball coach, Phil Seymore, head men’s ice hockey coach Nate Leaman and head women’s ice hockey coach, Bob Deraney as we kick-off another exciting year in Friartown!

Date: October 05, 2011

Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Location: The Black Rose, 160 State Street, Boston, MA

ClipperBlog:  NBA 2K12 ratings are leaked … And DeAndre Jordan should be upset

Ryan Gomes should probably be as well, because he is rated a 62.

For as bad as Ryan Gomes was last season, a 62 overall rating is pretty low. It’s borderline “he shouldn’t be playing at all.” Maybe I just differ in opinion, but I feel a mid-60s rating (64 or 65) would have been better. Yes, I’m that petty that a increase of two in Gomes’ overall rating would appease me (Gomes’ B+ outside shooting grade is higher than Gordon’s B grade … really 2K? Gordon is arguably the Clippers best shooter. Ugh. Moving on.).

Unfortunately, NBA Rookies are not going to be in the game until the lockout is resolved, so we are going to have to wait to see what Marshon Brooks gets.

Conference Controversy – Big East in Flux

@FriarFrenzy —  September 17th, 2011 10:32 PM —  Comments

The landscape of college athletics is changing before our eyes. A ridiculous money grab is on in an era where insecurity runs high and enough is never enough. However, this is the reality and Providence College will certainly be impacted, so we cannot shy away from it.

By all accounts the latest has Syracuse and Pittsburgh foregoing their roots and identities, following in the footsteps of Miami, Virginia Tech and Boston College and bolting to the Atlantic Coast Conference in pursuit of a Tobacco Road bounty.

Does not appear there is any turning back now but it is curious as to what Syracuse and Pittsburgh expect to get out of this. Realistically how much better off are Miami, Virginia Tech and Boston College since joining the ACC in 2004 (Miami & VT) and 2005 (BC)? And one could have made a much better fit argument between Miami/Tech and the ACC (BC does not really fit with anyone right? Just ask them.) at the time than one can for Syracuse and Pittsburgh presently.

Just one guy’s opinion but Jim Boeheim and Jamie Dixon cannot be thrilled either.

So what happens now?  The answer is….who the heck knows!

Anxious times indeed, but odds are that PC basketball will continue to compete in a high profile league. There exist a couple of seemingly viable scenarios so let’s take a look.

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BIG EAST Schedule Announced

dave@friarblog —  August 31st, 2011 10:43 AM —  Comments

The BIG EAST has released the conference schedule for the 2011-2012 season.

Tuesday, Dec. 27 at St. John’s 7PM
Saturday, Dec. 31 at Georgetown 2PM ESPN2
Wednesday, Jan. 4 Syracuse 7PM
Saturday, Jan. 7 Seton Hall 4PM
Tuesday, Jan. 10 Louisville 7PM ESPN2
Saturday, Jan. 14 at Syracuse 2PM
Saturday, Jan. 21 Marquette 9PM
Wednesday, Jan. 25 at Pittsburgh 7PM
Sunday, Jan. 29 at USF TBA
Wednesday, Feb. 1 Rutgers 7PM ESPNU
Sunday, Feb. 5 West Virginia TBA
Tuesday, Feb. 7 at Villanova TBA
Saturday, Feb. 11 USF 3PM
Wednesday, Feb. 15 at Cincinnati 9PM ESPNU
Saturday, Feb. 18 Georgetown
Saturday, Feb. 25 at DePaul 9PM
Tuesday, Feb. 28 UCONN TBA
Friday, March 2 Notre Dame TBA


Not going to be an easy start to his BIG EAST coaching career for Ed Cooley, with two road games to start (one in Syracuse) with the Hoyas awaiting them at the Dunk for the third game. Getting the Orange twice in the span of 10 days is also going to be fun.

Georgetown, Syracuse, and USF are the teams the Friars will getting twice this year.

Mr. Cooley, welcome to the BIG EAST.

Even with a notorious offseason filled with juicy headlines involving player arrests, star players getting kicked off, and highly touted recruits controversially backing out of their Letter of Intents, it seems nobody has anything to say to coach Keno Davis at his table set up for BIG EAST Media Day.  This may be refreshing to Friar fans since we want to put everything behind us, but show our coach some respect!

Everyone seems to be flocking to the other coaches. Villanova Twitterer brianisawesome had this to say.

@brianisawesome: Lavin Wright and Calhoun have big crowds. Keno Davis? Nobody

This picture about sums it up though.

Really people? I know the team isn’t expected to finish very high, but I feel like there is plenty to get into with our coach. 

Under the radar.  We got everyone right where we want them!

H/T Johnny Jungle via Twitter

Today is BIG EAST Media day in NYC, and the official preseason poll has just been announced.

As expected, Pittsburgh is #1, followed by Villanova, Syracuse, and Georgetown.

With last season’s defensive nightmare probably still fresh in people’s minds, combined with another high roster turnover, the Providence Friars are pegged to finish #14.  Rutgers and DePaul are the two teams picked to finish below the Friars.

Last year, PC was picked to finish #13 (they finished 15th).


1. Pittsburgh

2. Villanova

3. Syracuse

4. Gtown

5. WVU

6. St.John’s

7. ND

8. Louisville & Marquette


11. Seton Hall

12. Cincinnati

13. USF


15. Rutgers

16. DePaul

Austin Freeman of Georgetown was voted preseason Player of the Year, and Syracuse frosh Fab Melo was named preseason Freshman of the Year.

SOURCES - Pittsburgh Chosen As BIG EAST Hoops Favorite - Freeman Selected BIG EAST Preseason Player of the Year

According to the U.S Department of Education, Providence College ranks 11 out of 16 BIG EAST teams in money spent on the men’s basketball program from July 2009 to June 2009.

Total money spent by PC: $4,637,423

Hey, we spent more than Notre Dame ($4,380,691).  Then why can’t we effing beat them ever??

Marquette is the Johnny Moneybags of the conference, with $10,306,548 spent!  Maybe they had to hire additional security from January-June after the Jonathan Xavier fur-coat-on-the-court issue? That has to be the only reasonable explanation.

via Chicago Tribune

Greedy Snubbed Left and Right

dave@friarblog —  January 11th, 2010 5:11 PM

Apparently Jamine Peterson’s amazing 29 point, 20 rebound performance was not good enough for any BIG EAST weekly honors, or any mention in the ESPN Weekly Honors post.  I guess his stinker against Louisville brought him down so much, even doing something only 12 other BIG EAST players have ever done could not make up for it.

Harangody, Oriakhi Earn Weekly Men’s Basketball Honors

Harangody was named BIG EAST Player of the Week after he averaged 30.0 points and 5.5 rebounds and shot 57.9 percent from the field (22-of-38) to lead Notre Dame to a pair of close victories against BIG EAST opponents.  Harangody scored a season-high 36 points — including a go-ahead free throw with 1.9 seconds left — and had six rebounds in a 74-73 win at USF. He had 24 points and five boards on 9-of-15 shooting in a 70-68 win against No. 8/8 West Virginia

YAWN.  Jeremy Hazell (averaged 23 points), Dominique Jones (averaged 28 points), Wes Johnson (averaged 19 and 10 in two games), and Friar killer Scottie Reynolds (averaged 18 pts and 3 assists in 2 wins) made the honor roll.

In ESPN land, Katz doesn’t even give Greedy a mention among many other good performances for the week.  I guess the fact that it was against Rutgers makes it ho-hum?

Tennessee, CofC’s Goudelock take home honors

Seton Hall’s Jeremy Hazell, who has never seen a shot he doesn’t like, scored 33 in a win over Cincinnati.

Srsly? Man, if only Greedy could hit one of those 4 foul shots in a row he missed in the end to get to 30 points.

It’s Good To Be in the BIG EAST

dave@friarblog —  November 24th, 2009 6:13 PM

Forget the parade of Hall of Fame coaches, the endless array of nationally televised games, or playing at Madison Square Garden for the BET.  BORING.  We finally have the real reason for why players want to play in the BIG EAST.

In the upcoming issue of ESPN the Magazine, they did an anonymous poll of 100 players from 23 Division 1 conferences asking various questions like “Who is the best player?”, “What is the best program” blah blah blah.  What caught my eye was the following question.

How many times each week are you hit on just because you play college basketball? [ESPN Insider Required]

Who comes up at #1?

1. Big East: 13.4 hits per week

I’m sure this is completely accurate because dudes never lie about this kind of thing.  Nevertheless, players from the BEAST apparently get hit on two times a day — even the scrubs on DePaul?!?

Suck it ACC (only 8th place at 7.3 hits per week)!!

These numbers are almost as high as the number of times I am hit on just because I blog about college basketball (it’s times).

Some teams may not be getting their wins in the most prettiest manner, but the BIG EAST is now a perfect 29-0.

Most people thought that DePaul would be the first to go down after finally playing their first game, but they beat Columbia 59-53 behind Mac Koshwal’s 19 points.

Who is going to be the first BIG EAST team to lose?  7 games will be played before the Friars next game on Friday night.

Cincinnati takes on Toleda at home tonight.

Pittsburgh and Villanova have relatively easy home match-ups on Thursday.  Syracuse has their hands full in their road game against #12 California, and South Floria is, well South Florida.  DePaul also has another game at 1PM on Friday at Northern Iowa, so there is a good chance someone will lose before the Friars tip off.  Not like it matters or puts any additional pressure on PC to win, but you just don’t want to be the one to make the final out during a huge rally.