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Friartown News and Notes 11.13.12

dave@friarblog —  November 13th, 2012 8:59 PM —  Comments

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picture Ricky Ledo Instagram

As Barney Stinson would say, SUIT UP! Hey, where’s Carson Desrosiers?


notes Speaking of the suits, all of the players not eligible to play right now (Sidiki Johnson, Tyler Harris, Carson Desrosiers, and Ricky Ledo) did not make the trip with the team to Puerto Rico due to NCAA rules. This must be especially hard for Ricky Ledo, who is of Puerto Rican discent. The rest of the team and staff landed there today.

notes Still nothing new on Vincent Council’s hammy. He is going to Puerto Rico, but I highly highly doubt he will play. Sounds like he could be out for the next several weeks. I say play it safe and wait until the 2nd semester when Sidiki and hopefully Kris Dunn can play.

link Bryant Game Recaps: GoLocalProv, Woonsocket, Sun ChronicleFriar Basketball, Boston Sports Nut

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Sunday Morning Crunch 11.4.12

rjsuperfly66 —  November 4th, 2012 8:14 AM —  Comments

Teddy B, making the ticket

Good Morning Friartown,

Let us all do this collectively. BREATHE! DEEP BREATHS! It will be okay, I promise you.

Tonight is a perfect illustration of the harsh realities of having a roster without a lot of depth. While I’m sure Cotton would have played if this game meant something, this is typical of a team in complete rebuilding mode. While we wait on the approval or denial of Sidiki Johnson’s wavier request, the health of Kris Dunn, and the possible approval of Ricardo Ledo to play second semester, there will be growing pains.

Now, that does not mean I’m going to sit here and tell you to be optimistic and happy about what happened at the Dunkin Donuts Center last night. Last night, despite a 76-52 over the Rhode Island College Anchorman, was very disappointing in many aspects.

For the good and bad in statistics of last nights game, let us hit the CRUNCH!

2003 – The Last Time PC Lost an Exhibition Game at Home

This is actually amazing to think about, but the last time PC lost an exhibition game at home was coincidentally the same year they last made the NCAA Tournament. On November 15, 2003, the USDBL 320 All-Stars came to the Providence Civic Center and defeated the Friars, 112-109.

These games were also fun, when former collegiate stars would join together and challenge collegiate teams. John Morton (Seton Hall), Trevor Ruffin (Hawaii), and Devonaire Deas (Florida St.) all had big games for 320, while Friar legend Ryan Gomes scored 29 points and grabbed 9 rebounds.

This game was back and forth down the stretch of regulation, and Gomes banked in a 3 pointer with one second left to send the game to OT. Back and forth it continued to go, but trailing by 3, Abdul Mills missed a 3 with two seconds left to tie the game.

This was one of the more exciting games no one ever remembers.

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Q & A with RIC Head Coach Bob Walsh

dave@friarblog —  November 1st, 2012 5:03 PM —  Comments


On Saturday the Friars will play their final tuneup before the season in an exhbition game against Rhode Island College at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center. Sitting on the opposing bench will be a familiar face around Friartown. Head coach Bob Walsh was a PC assistant under Tim Welsh from 1998-2005 before taking the head coaching job at Division III RIC.

Coach Walsh was kind enough to answer some questions over email about his program, Ed Cooley, and the upcoming game this weekend.

Be sure to follow Coach Walsh on Twitter at @CoachBobWalsh, and check out his blog which always has insightful posts about college basketball.

Friarblog: First off Coach, you spent 7 years as an assistant to Tim Welsh at Providence College. What were some of your best memories and experiences there?

Bob Walsh: The entire experience was fantastic. I grew up on the Big East, so coaching in some of the arenas I grew up watching was a great thrill. Winning in the Carrier Dome our first year was awesome. When we beat St. John’s in the Garden in 2004 to go to 20-5 and get up to 12th in the country, that was a great feeling. The Texas game at home was electric. Beating URI that first year for our first win was great. Getting a chance to coach the team against GW when Coach Welsh was ejected really gave me great confidence in seeing how I could connect with the kids and get them to react. Coach Mullaney sitting in my office to talk hoops during our first spring/summer there was a thrill. The 2 selection Sundays were awesome – you grow up watching that stuff on TV, and now you’re in it. Walking out of the SuperDome after our practice, before we played in the NCAA Tournament for the first time was terrific.

There were so many great memories, I could go on for a long time.

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Ed Cooley and Bob Walsh will be going head to head at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center on Saturday when the Friars take on Rhode Island College in an exhibition game. Their relationship is a little more intimate than the average two head coaches. In 2004 before the NCAA Tournament, Walsh (then an assistant for Tim Welsh’s PC team — the last one to make the NCAA’s) met Ed Cooley (then an assistant at Boston College) at a Mobil station on I-95 to exchange game film. Oh Dropbox, where were you in 2004. So Cooley, couldn’t you have given us some better material on Pacific? That video surely didn’t help.


This photo hangs in Bob Walsh’s office. (Photo New York Times)

The meeting was featured in the New York Times.

That was why Walsh was at a gas station in Attleboro, Mass., at 9:08 Sunday night. He met the Boston College assistant coach Ed Cooley to exchange videotapes of their N.C.A.A. tournament opponents.

Getting video is one of the biggest challenges of tournament preparation, especially if the opponent, like Pacific, has rarely played on television.

For the past two months, the Providence staff has recorded every televised game to create a video database. But when Walsh tried to tape the Big West final on Saturday night, he accidentally turned off the cable on the television. So when he popped the tape in Sunday night, instead of Pacific’s game against Cal State-Northridge, Walsh got ”Body By Jake” on a public-access channel.

”This could not be a worse draw as far as getting tapes and information,” Walsh said.

His fellow assistants Steve DeMeo and Phil Seymore spent the night on the phone getting scouting reports from teams like Canisius, Santa Clara and St. Joseph’s, who played Pacific this season.

Meanwhile, Walsh put together a bag of tapes of Boston College’s first-round opponent, Utah, and possible second-round opponents, Georgia Tech and Northern Iowa. Although they are conference rivals, the B.C. and Providence staffs get along well and routinely exchange tapes throughout the season. So Walsh met Cooley at their usual spot.

Friartown News and Notes 10.23.12

dave@friarblog —  October 23rd, 2012 10:02 PM —  Comments

All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place


The Ed Cooley “We’re gonna bite some asses” quote from BIG EAST Media Day really needed to have a Meme. Recaption away.

cooley bite

link Connecticut Post: Chris Elsberry: Providence, Cooley have chip on shoulder from coaches’ preseason poll

Coach Cooley, flashing his inner Walter White (sans meth making and drug dealing).

“(Those games) ate at me but I also realized that I was inheriting a team that just wasn’t close (chemistry-wise),” Cooley said. “And I think the closer that we become, those kind of games become easier to win, because our guys will play with a purpose of togetherness and not so much individually.”

To that extent, after cleaning house, as it were, Cooley made it a top priority to preach chemistry to his players.
“It was the number one thing we talked about after last season,” Cooley said. “Building chemistry toward success. That was the number one thing we talked about. This team has grown as far as chemistry. Our players are bonding more.”

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Friartown News and Notes 10.4.12

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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place

picture @KamesJirby Tweet

The season ticket holder party was held tonight. This is Ed Cooley’s stage. Over 1,000 people were reportedly in attendance.


notes New Friar recruit Rodney Bullock will be attending Late Night Madness next week. Former Friar Jamel Thomas also will be there according to his tweet.

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Friars Links 12.5.11

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GoLocalProv: PC Handles Brown 80-49. Garder Appeal Denied By NCAA

Defense, communication, effort. Oh, I’ve missed you so. Never ever gonna let you go.

-Ed Cooley has the Friars playing the way that he wants them to play which is light years better than last year’s team under Keno Davis. Providence actually puts in effort on the defensive end of the floor this season and they run a much more disciplined offense and share the ball more than they did last season.

-Former Friar Joe Hassett is among the many Friar faithful who believe in new head coach Ed Cooley. Hassett said that Cooley is as good a communicator as he has ever seen in college basketball.

Friar Basketball: Friars lock down Brown, improve to 7-2

Council had 16 assists versus Brown last year too. Next year playing with Ledo? I’m projecting anywhere from 40-45 assists versus Brown.

Council showed his offensive versatility on this night, carrying the scoring load in the first half (15 points), while spending the second stanza creating for teammates – specifically Bryce Cotton who connected on four second half three pointers on his way to 16 points in the half.

LaDontae Henton scored 19 points and grabbed nine rebounds. He’s now scored at least 16 points and grabbed as many as eight rebounds in each of the past four games. Henton has gathered nine rebounds or more in five of the Friars’ nine games this season.

Pawtucket Times: Providence College storms past Brown 80-49

Following Providence’s 80-49 runaway performance against an overmatched Brown team on Monday night, Cooley took the media inside the preparation his team goes through leading up to tip-off time. Focusing on the opponent’s tendencies is one area that’s obviously stressed – PC was going up against a Brown squad that prefers to play at a much slower tempo – yet there’s a little thing called self-scouting that Cooley believes is just as vital to the cause.
“We need to prepare for ourselves as much as we’re preparing for someone’s opponent,” Cooley said following the Friars’ third straight win to improve to 7-2. “The way we scout and watch film, I’m very grateful that our school spent a lot of money on an editing system. That allows us as a staff to go through every pass and shot a player makes. Everything can be micromanaged in practice so they can see themselves.”

The Sun Chronicle: Another solid game by the freshman has Friars at 7-2

I give him credit for laying off the fried ravioli there. Everything else, meh.

The freshman from Lansing, Mich., selected as the Big East Rookie of the Week, doesn’t spend much time around Raymond Hall, the on-campus dining facility for students at Providence College.

Instead, Henton has tipped the scales the other way, having shed some 23 pounds from his 6-foot-6 frame since becoming a disciple of Kevin White, the Friars’ strength and conditioning coach, then following the mantra of Friar basketball coach Ed Cooley.

The Arena Pulse: Player of the Night (12/5): Vincent Council (Providence)

One more rebound. Ugh!

However, as Providence fans are well aware of, junior guard Vincent Council is the motor that makes this squad go, and last night proved to be no different.

Council finished the game one rebound shy of a triple-double, ending the contest with a game-high 21 points and 11 assists. Council also grabbed nine rebounds in the victory.

Cox Sports Online: Vin Parise: Cooley not complacent

And we don’t even have Batts back yet!

Little by little the defensive end is coming along. Brown beat URI last week and last night shot 29% from the field vs the Friars. Yes the Bears had a cold shooting night; but the defense deserves credit as well. I think back to watching this team in October at practice, and they’ve come a long, long way.

The Brown Daily Herald: Men’s basketball endures back-to-back losses

The Friars were successful in shutting down Bruno’s dynamic guard tandem of Sean McGonagill ’14 and Stephen Albrecht ’12.5, who finished with a combined 10 points on 3-of-19 shooting.
“Those guys have had great games recently, and people are now game planning to take them out of the game,” Agel said.
“McGonagill does a great job of controlling this team,” said Providence College Head Coach Ed Cooley. “What we tried to do (last night) was disrupt their rhythm. We wanted to play a really up-tempo pace.”

ESPN Rumor Central: Will Providence wear down?

I’m thinking yes.

A closer look at Providence’s roster reveals that four Friars (Vincent Council, Gerard Coleman, Bryce Cotton and LaDontae Henton) have played 90 percent of the team’s available minutes so far this season, and one has to wonder how that will affect the Friars come February

Orange Fizz: Next Beasts of the Big East: The Fizz’s Top 5 Recruits in the 2012 Class

Not that we need any more validation to how awesome the new guys are, but here ya go anyway.

 4) Kris Dunn/ PG/ Providence
Dunn is Part I of what is one of the most groundshaking recruiting duo in Providence history. Teamed up with Ricardo Ledo under first year HC Ed Cooley, Dunn brings his leadership from New London, where he continues to set records in his senior season. Dunn is the second best point guard prospect in the country, and for good reason: he averages over 25 points per game at New London. Plus, he’s potent in the lane, finding space and putting himself and his teammates in scoring position. Anyone who makes room for Ledo to score is invaluable, as we’ll see next season.

1) Ricardo Ledo/ SG/ Providence
Ricky Ledo is far and away the best player-to-be in the Big East. Needless to say, Ledo is Part II of the best recruiting class the Friars have ever had. He plays pure basketball, and finds ways to get the ball in the basket. He has a deadly accurate shot, supreme passing ability, and an aggressive dribble. ESPN’s scouts say “Ledo’s talents are virtually limitless.” He gets by defenders one-by-one, knocking them down systematically. In the rare case that he needs help, his instincts to find open teammates come naturally. Ricky Ledo is a potential superstar and why he’s The Fizz’s top recruit of the 2012 Big East class.

Twitter: @CoachBobWalsh

In my car after practice heard Joe Hassett say “Brown has struggled because Friar D has been that good.” Great sign, not heard in a while.
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Friars Links 11.30.11

dave@friarblog —  November 30th, 2011 9:05 PM —  Comments

Friar Basketball: Friar Foursome Downs Holy Cross

Remember when Gerard Coleman was coming off the bench? LOL.

Coleman continues to emerge as an all-around player under Ed Cooley.  After an 18 point, eight rebound, six assist, three steal effort, the sophomore has now grabbed at least seven rebounds in four games this season.  Five of those rebounds were on the offensive end, as Coleman was far more assertive in his decision making and taking it to the rim on Tuesday night.  Often over the past year Coleman has been caught between taking the ball all the way to the rim and trying to convert floaters, but on this night he took the ball all the way to the rim with conviction and the result was an 8-13 shooting performance from the field.  His confidence continues to g

GoLocalProv: PC pushes past Holy Cross

Listening to the game last night, I didn’t hear Joe Hassett yell at the refs like he did in South Padres Island. Disappointing.

Providence scored a total of 34 field goals (in 66 attempts, 51.5%), which was a season high…20 of those came in the first half. By contrast, in the win over Southern, the Friars managed to score just 13 field goals for the entire 40 minute game

Pawtucket TimesFriars outlast Holy Cross, 82-77

Until Batts comes back, it’s going to be musical chairs for that 5th start since the BIG 4 seemed pretty locked in.

Sophomore Ron Giplaye received his first collegiate start Tuesday night. The bloom was off the rose in no time flat with Cooley yanking Giplaye after a missed defensive assignment 1:27 into the game. … Brice Kofane came off the bench to snatch 12 rebounds in 26 minutes. “We need to bottle that one up and save it,” said Cooley. “He gave us great energy.”

Rush the Court: Focal Point: Vincent Council

VC for PC

The rebuilding effort at Providence begins with Vincent Council, and Cooley is asking him take on a leadership role he previously had not assumed. This Providence team is more likely to be measured by how it carries itself, and the effort it displays than it will be by the win total, which is not expected to be very high. If Providence is to regain respectability, Council can no longer play second fiddle to the likes of Brooks, Peterson, and Sharaud Curry as he has in the past. He is now the face of the team from a player standpoint and will have to help Cooley develop a young and razor-thin group that is currently taking to the floor with just eight scholarship players. With that Council, now part of a team that currently has few offensive options, must also produce as the primary focus of opposing game plans.

Twitter: @CoachBobWalsh

Former Friar assistant had this to say about Buckets.

LaDontae Henton looks an awful lot like the guys Skinner/Cooley were winning the BE with at BC – versatile, tough, no-position players.
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