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Friartown News and Notes 11.8.12

dave@friarblog —  November 8th, 2012 8:30 PM —  Comments

All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place

picture Bryce Cotton Animated GIF

Much like Obama, I’ve been here for 4 years but haven’t brought the necessary change I should have to Friartown. I just realized today that I have made zero animated gifs in the history of this blog. Things are going to change. Here is an Ice Cotton one for your pleasure. Thank you for voting Friarblog.


notes According to Brendan McGair on Twitter, Bryce Cotton was seen at practice putting up some shots. Sounds like he’s going to be ready to go on Saturday. See, the animated GIF is already working.

notes Word is Brandon Austin is possibly making a decision in the next few days. After Kevin McNamara’s article in the Projo and general whispers around Friartown, I like Ed Cooley’s chances (yeah I know the other day I said I wouldn’t care until an official announcement is made yada yada yada). Texas and UConn are the other schools on his final list.

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Friartown News and Notes 11.5.12

dave@friarblog —  November 5th, 2012 8:58 PM —  Comments

All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place

picture Ricky Ledo Instagram

Whatever Ricky Ledo decides to do with his future, he will always love the city of Providence. Check out his new tattoo.


notes According to @StartTheFriars, Ed Cooley was on PC’s radio station and said that Kadeem Batts and Bryce Cotton were still unable to practice today. I imagine that Cotton would be able to go by Saturday, but I have no idea what the deal is with Batts’ bursitis in his shoulder. Anyone have any insight to what type of injury he is dealing with?

link Providence Journal: Friars may lead for Philly recruit Brandon Austin

While this is definitely good news, we saw what happened when PC was the “leader” for Jakarr Sampson, Orlando Sanchez, and Nerlens Noel. I’ll just patiently wait for the official announcement.

It is nearing decision time for Brandon Austin and the highly rated guard from Philadelphia just may be favoring the Providence Friars.

Austin, a 6-5 guard from Imhotep Charter who’s helped his school to two straight PIAA state championships, is looking at PC, Connecticut and Texas. He visited all three schools on successive weekend last month and one of his advisers says Providence is in very good shape.

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Friartown News and Notes 10.26.12

dave@friarblog —  October 26th, 2012 9:43 PM —  Comments

All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place

picture Friars Ticket Office Tweet

If you have season tickets, you probably received this in the mail today. I am very envious.


link Providence Journal: Friars fans meet Ted Bancroft

Before the Frankenstorm hits the east coast, WHITE LIGHTNING will be hitting Rhode Island.

“Ted will be in the mix, for sure,” Cooley said. “He’s an energy, hustle guy who knows how to handle things on the floor.”

As for what he’s calling his `Iron Seven,’ Cooley knows his core must avoid sloppy fouls and everyone must be ready to contribute.

notes It seems that every day this week there was another ruling on a transfer getting either denied or granted a waiver to play this season. Tavon Sledge from Iona got a hardship waiver earlier in the week, but Manhattan was out of luck with getting Ashton Pankey eligible this year. URI also found out that Ifeanyi Onyekaba had to sit out all season. Is Sidiki Johnson’s name coming up soon? Kevin McNarama mentioned last week that the paperwork was just getting organized, so it’s a little confusing since Sidiki said at PC Media Day that they were awaiting word from the NCAA (and it was a 50/50 chance). Either way, at least Sidiki will be on the court in mid-December. Steve Hartnett of tweeted that he’s really taken to playing under Cooley and has been the best transfer so far.

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The recruits had the best seats in the house

Adam Zagoria posted two articles today about the 2013 recruits who attended Late Night Madness on Friday night. In a shocking revelation, both said IT WAS GOOD. Seriously though, do recruits ever say otherwise regarding their visits? Perhaps it would have been better if they said it was “really good” or “very good”, instead of just plain “good” or “pretty good”. Zomg we have no shot! Move on to 2014. Am I reading too much into this? Regardless, it was encouraging to hear the things Patterson had to say about Ed Cooley.

Ron Patterson

“It went good,” the 6-foot-2, 200-pound shooting guard from Brewster (N.H.) Academy told Sunday. “They have a nice gym. They said I would be a go-to guy, like a scorer.”

Patterson said he likes head coach Ed Cooley’s approach.

“He has a real posiitve attitude about my recruiting process,” Patterson said. “He recruits hard, he’s real cool. He’s different than other coaches.”

Brandon Austin

“It was pretty good,” the former Penn State commit told Sunday night.

“I liked the school, the community, the team, the coaching staff, all that.

“[Coach Cooley] said I would come right in and play up and down. Give me the ball [and] try to build a team around me and Ricky Ledo and Kris Dunn.”

“I’m a point guard,” he said. “I played the wing. I’m a point guard.”

As expected, both of these players are not deciding anything just yet. Brandon Austin is heading to UConn next weekend, and Ron Patterson will be taking an official at SMU on Wednesday.

Providence currently only has 1 more scholarship to give for next year’s class.

Friartown News and Notes 10.9.12

dave@friarblog —  October 9th, 2012 10:26 PM —  Comments

All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place

picture Jamel Thomas Tweet

Raising the little one right!


notes There will be a Media Interview Session with Ed Cooley and basketball team tomorrow afternoon at 4PM in the Concannon Fitness Center. The press release says it’s a chance for the media to get interviews and pictures. If only I wasn’t in New York! Hopefully Kevin McNamara, Brendan McGair, and the GoLocalProv gang (you know, the actual media around these parts) can get some good tidbits about the upcoming season.

youtube YouTube: Late Night Madness 2012 Sneak Peek


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Adam Zagoria tweeted today that 2013 F Brandon Austin will be visiting Providence on Friday. He didn’t mention anything about Late Night Madness, but Austin already visited PC last month so it seems highly likely. After that visit Austin reportedly cut the Friars off his list, but Cooley was rumored to have made a recent in-home visit to get them back in the mix. Remember, Providence needs a point guard next year. At 6-6 Brandon Austin is listed as a small forward, but Kevin McNamara noted last week that Providence sees him as a point guard. Could it give PC an edge here? Hopefully more than the possibly of teaming up with with Rysheed Jordan (ranked #64 by ESPN in 2013), as noted over the weekend.


Jarred Reuter to Attend Late Night Madness Kahari Beaufort to Attend Late Night Madness

Friartown News and Notes 10.4.12

dave@friarblog —  October 4th, 2012 9:07 PM —  Comments

All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place

picture @KamesJirby Tweet

The season ticket holder party was held tonight. This is Ed Cooley’s stage. Over 1,000 people were reportedly in attendance.


notes New Friar recruit Rodney Bullock will be attending Late Night Madness next week. Former Friar Jamel Thomas also will be there according to his tweet.

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Friartown News and Notes 10.1.12

dave@friarblog —  October 1st, 2012 9:26 PM —  Comments

All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place

October, and the month where practice officially kicks off is finally here. September is gone, and so is the “Friar Daily” name. Welcome to Friartown News and Notes. Do you have a cool pic with you and your Friar gear, or anything PC basketball related? Email it to and get it featured here!

picture DannyALovi Tweet

The Brooklyn Nets had their Media Day today, and I came across this image of Marshon. Can you blame him for posing like this? It’s the only tactic Keno Davis taught him on defense in three years, and must be hard habit to break. It’s called the scarecrow!


notes Rodney Bullock tweeted this weekend that he had an “amazing” time at his visit. Good work Mr. Fortune. I never saw anything official online saying there was an offer out, but Bullock did confirm to me that he holds an offer from Providence.

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