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Ed Cooley spoke to the media with Gerard Coleman after the team’s 59-53 victory over Southern on Tuesday night at the Dunk.

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Friars Defeat Southern 59-53

dave@friarblog —  November 22nd, 2011 9:52 PM —  Comments

The Providence Friars moved to 4-0 with a hard earned victory against the Southern Jaguars by a score of 59-53. Yeah, remember when I said this game was going to be a cupcake? Well, there will be no more of talk like that, as this team can’t afford to take anyone for granted. Except maybe Boston College. They can’t beat anyone.

PC students left campus today for the holidays, and apparently they took the Friars shooting skills with them.  The team shot a woeful 26.5% from the floor, but shockingly only took 4 3-pointers! So there’s that. Despite the shooting problems, Providence held on and head into the Holidays and toTexas for the remaining games of the South Padre Invitational as an undefeated team.

Photo by @MattyIceCentore

Why the Friars Won: As bad as the Friars were shooting, Southern had their own problems turning the ball over, missing long range shots, fouling the crap out of the Friars (PC took FORTY SEVEN foul shots), and generally not rebounding. Gerard Coleman had a great overall game with his first career double-double (20 points, 11 rebounds), and really took over towards the end of the game with big buckets while continuing to get to the line.

Play of the Game: Goldy gets it again! When everyone was throwing bricks all over the Dunkin’ Donuts Center, Lee Goldsbrough took matters into his own hands and drove the line for a nice layup in the 2nd half. Yep, it was that kind of game where a layup by a white dude was the play of the game.

Fun Stat: In another close game, The Providence Free Throws Attempts lost a close one to the Providence Field Goal Attempts 49 to 47.

Fun Stat II: The Friars had only 4 3-point attempts. After a quick scan over at, the Friars least amount of threes taken in a game during the Keno Davis era was I think 11.

Bryce Comes Crashing Down: After a great first three games, Bryce Cotton threw up a stinker with a 1-9 shooting performance. The opposing coach either devised his whole defensive scheme to stop Cotton, or the BIG EAST Honor Roll award got to his head. I’ll just chalk it up to a bad shooting night.

Cooley Quotable: “Six assists is a telling story,” Cooley said. “Three blind mice could have six assists in 40 minutes. Today we were horrible.” – Yeah but when you can’t even hit open layups, assists will be hard to come by.

Visitors: Highly touted recruits Nerlens Noel and Goodluck Okonoboh were in attendance with the signed Friars Ricardo Ledo and Kris Dunn, who were all seated behind the Friars bench. Noel was probably all “Wait, I thought this team needed me for DEFENSE?!”


The Friars (2-0) got a great road win tonight (and first one in almost TWO years!), defeating Fairfield in Ed Cooley’s return to Connecticut. The game was pretty action packed, as both teams continually traded double-digit runs. In the end, the Providence guards were too much to handle in transition and PC ended up winning 80-72.

How they won:  Vincent Council (26 points, 7 assists), Gerard Coleman (17 points), and Bryce Cotton (career high 24 points) combined to score 67 of the Friars 80 points (!!). They were all just fantastic in transition, and in the half court sets Vincent “The General” Council took charge and made plays. The Friars were also able to make some runs with Fairfield’s big players having to sit with foul trouble. Rakim Sanders got 2 early, and also picked up his third in the beginning of the 2nd half. When Sanders was in the game, he kept helping Fairfield make their comebacks as PC had no answer for him on defense. He finished with 25 points and 9 rebounds. Point guard Derek Needham had a rough night shooting (3-11, all threes), and also got into foul trouble throughout the game. The Stags took a lot of three-pointers (26), but finished at 30% thanks to a barrage of threes at the end.

Photo by @MattNorlander

Turning point: Rakim Sanders and Derek Needham hit threes on consecutive trips down the court, and cut PC’s lead in half at 6 with under two minutes to go. However, Gerard Coleman scored on a nice play inside giving the Friars a little breathing room. Fairfield then committed two turnovers in a row, and Providence iced the game at the line.

Improvements: The Friars shot 17-20 from the line, by far their best from the two exhibition games plus the opener. It helps when Bryce Cotton and Vincent Council are the ones taking the majority of the attempts. The team is once again showing better shot selection and refraining from relying on the three-ball.  Under 10 attempts! PC went 3-8 from behind the arc, and LaDontae Henton took the most going 1-5! They were all open looks too.

Play of the Game: Lots of big plays made by the 3 C’s, but one that stood out was Bryce Cotton driving a making a sweet left handed layup off the glass in front of 7-footer Ryan Olander.

Sydney Johnson on the loss “It came down to heart. They out coached us and outplayed us.”
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More to come tomorrow.

So the Sports Network posted up their Big East “preview” today. It’s hard to tell if they don’t know what they are talking about in general, or just didn’t pay any particular attention to Providence over the past several years. If anyone is looking for a good Friday laugh, there is this little game in the Friars Preview

Head coach Keno Davis was made the fall guy and after his dismissal the Friars brought in Ed Cooley, who had recently finished five years with the Fairfield Stags not too far down the road

Sorry if you were happen to be drinking a beverage as you were reading those words, as surely the contents of said beverage are all over your screen and keyboard.


Oh I’m sorry, so whose fault was it exactly that the team was run directly and repeatedly into the ground? It was those damn voices in his head! I honestly don’t even have any other words other than pure laughter for this one. If that’s what someone thinks happened to this team it’s pretty hard to take the rest of the article seriously.

Oh and there’s this:

Sticking around are Vincent Coleman (13.7 ppg) and Gerard Coleman (10.3 ppg), but without a major senior presence this group is again bound to struggle

The Coleman brothers! As @raphellej replied to me on Twitter. “Does this Vincent Coleman throw firecrackers out of moving cars like the Mets’ one did? He’d be a character concern.”

Because that’s exactly what the team needs right now.

Anyways, here is the full “preview”

College Basketball Preview – Big East Conference

The Friars cleaned up during the early, non-conference portion of their 2010-11 schedule, starting the season an impressive 9-1 and 11-2 before the kickoff of the Big East slate. Providence may have fooled a few people by showing so much success against the likes of Morgan State, Prairie View A&M and Sacred Heart, but the rest of the Big East knew better and called the Friars on it. What transpired was a disappointing 4-14 league effort and a spot near the bottom of the conference standings. Head coach Keno Davis was made the fall guy and after his dismissal the Friars brought in Ed Cooley, who had recently finished five years with the Fairfield Stags not too far down the road. A fiery competitor, Cooley is expected to promote a little more energy from his players as they try desperately to get off on the right foot. Unfortunately, the new regime begins only after Marshon Brooks, the Big East scoring champion (24.6 ppg), has moved on and is supposed to be part of the NBA, if that league ever gets its act together. Sticking around are Vincent Coleman (13.7 ppg) and Gerard Coleman (10.3 ppg), but without a major senior presence this group is again bound to struggle. With Council having handed out a team-best 189 assists, most of which probably went to Brooks, he clearly can orchestrate the offense, but his 39.3 percent shooting from the floor is not an encouraging stat for those times when he can’t find an open teammate. Kadeem Batts, one of only two players to have started all 32 games last season, could be a three-point threat (47-of-152), but he too had issues from the floor overall at just 35.4 percent, the team near the bottom in the Big East with a collective 42.4 percent accuracy from the field.

5 Stats That Need to Change This Season

dave@friarblog —  October 29th, 2011 7:56 PM —  Comments

Anyone watching five minutes of Providence College basketball last season could see that a lack of defense was the glaring problem that lead to a second consecutive awful season in the BIG EAST. Opposing teams (and often random role players) often scored with ease at incredibly efficient rates. It goes without saying that this needs to change in a Bartolo Colon size big way. What other stats should we be looking at in order to gauge improvement of Ed Cooley’s Friars this year? I’ll tell you what we won’t be looking at — anything that Keno Davis tweeted during preseason or early on in the season when PC was winning a few easy non-conference games. I’m paraphrasing here, but they went something like this:

“Oh hey, we’ve scored the most POINTS in the conference! How many did we give up? Hey look over there, it’s a dog with a puffy tail!”

“Since we run up and down the court and miss a boatload of shots, we have the opportunity to get SO MANY OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS! 5th in the country at offensive rebounds per game! They totally should count those as POINTS!”



So what stats are essential to improve other than the almighty W?

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Season Tickets Arrive For Fans

dave@friarblog —  October 27th, 2011 9:08 PM —  Comments

According to numerous people on Twitter, Providence Friars Basketball season tickets have arrived in the mail! The booklet features a picture of Coach Cooley in between action shots of Vincent Council and Gerard Coleman (pictured wearing his old #12 jersey).

Picture via Friarguy07 on Twitter

How about everyone else? Did you get your tickets, or plan on getting them?

Late Night Madness Dunk Videos

dave@friarblog —  October 16th, 2011 8:19 AM —  Comments

Here are some dunk videos from Late Night Madness courtesy of student @JustBeingPaul.

Bryce Cotton won for the second straight year. The dunks weren’t as good as last year’s contest, but its good to see some of the action nonetheless.

Here is one of the better ones (I think of Gerard Coleman?).

Here is Kiwi Gardner.

And the rest

Check out more after the jump

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Friars Links 9.27.11

dave@friarblog —  September 27th, 2011 6:51 PM —  Comments

Rumble in the Garden: Blogger Roundtable: step your game up

Part 2 of the Roundtable is up! Today’s question was asking who needs to step up this season in order for the program to be success. Below are the answers from the Providence Blogs. What do you think? Who needs to step up this year?

Friar Basketball – STEP IT UP: Gerard Coleman

Council will be solid, Coleman could give PC a solid BE level backcourt.

Friarblog – STEP IT UP: Bilal Dixon

The Friars can have a great backcourt if Vincent Council and Gerard Coleman show more consistency and keep developing. With Dunn and Ledo joining in 2012, the backcourt becomes downright sick. However, PC still needs a presence down low. Bilal Dixon will be the most experienced over the next two years, so he needs to step up after regressing as a sophomore.

Friar Basketball: 38 in 76: #21 Landing the Big Man

The Friars are all of a sudden loaded at the guard level next year. Bigs? Well Cooley is working on that as we speeak. Hey, we got guys to pass you the ball! We got playing time! And Donuts! What more can you ask for Chris and JaKarr?!

Landing either Obekpa, who had a recent in-home visit with Jim Calhoun and is reportedly interested in visiting UCLA, or Sampson (Kansas was on campus for a look at him last week) would mark yet another occasion in which Cooley trumps what has been conventional wisdom when it comes to recruiting at Providence.

Twitter: JaKarr Sampson Competition Heating up

A day after Coach Cooley and La Fleur flew in to see former St. John’s committ JaKarr Sampson, there were reports of all kinds of schools also looking at him today and tomorrow. Everyone needs a big man.

@TheRecruitScoop Cincinnati, Kentucky & NC State will check out 2012 Brewster (NH) trio Mitch McGary, Jakarr Sampson & TJ Warren today.

@jeffborzello Per @BrewsterHoops, St. John’s assistant Mike Dunlap and Pitt assistant Bill Barton will both visit with Jakarr Sampson tomorrow.

@GTuckersports: Kentucky has expressed “preliminary interest” about Jakarr Sampson, per Brewster coach Jason Smith

Providence Business News: Learn with Leaders Series

In November, Ed Cooley will be giving a talk with the theme: “How to Engage and Lead a Team”. It is unclear if Keno Davis will giving his inspired speeches “How to run a Division I program directly into the ground”, “Creating a dysfunctional environment in the college atmosphere”, “How to not Engage and not Lead a Team”.

“The Young Leaders Circle Learn with Leaders series provides the unique opportunity for young professionals to broaden their perspective, network, and engage with business, government, and non-profit leaders in topics that matters to today’s young professionals,” said Brian Angell, Chair of the Young Leaders Circle.

Five Star Basketball: Nerlens Noel: ‘Chip on his mind

I think his list of 10 schools should be coming out soon. Probably a long shot, but you have to think PC makes the list just because Cooley is involved.

Defensively, it’s nearly impossible to find any high school player with Noel’s ability to protect the basket and turn away or alter opponent’s shots. Five-Star rated PG Andrew Harrison (Houston Defenders/Travis H.S.) called him the “best shot blocker he’s ever played against.”

And while BABC Head Coach Leo Papile compares the big man’s game to Bill Russell, Noel said he strives to be more like Kevin Garnett.

Gerard Coleman got his first of hopefully many BIG EAST honors today by being named the Rookie of the Week.

Weekly Release

BIG EAST Rookie of the Week

GERARD COLEMAN, Providence, G, Fr.

Coleman helped the Friars to a 1-1 record in the Cancun Challenge. He averaged 13.5 points, 4.0 rebounds and 1.5 assists in two games for PC. Coleman had 12 points and four rebounds in a loss to La Salle, while notched 15 points and four more rebounds in a win over Wyoming. The freshman is averaging 10.8 ppg for the season.

Coleman didn’t have the best of games against La Salle, taking 13 shots from the field to achieve his 12 points, but he bounced back with a much more efficient game against Wyoming.

If you are like me and didn’t get to experience Late Night Madness first hand, and didn’t quite get the full effect of watching the highlights on a tiny box on, well you are in luck.  The athletics office has uploaded some nice high res video of the entire dunk contest for all to enjoy.  Check out below as newcomers Gerard Coleman and Bryce Cotton steal the show (come on Marshon, that little faint 360 was all you had??).

Oh, and that Gerard Coleman fella looks pretty good too, eh?