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I’m not happy about writing this. I want to make that very clear right now. I – like most of my fellow Friar journalists – didn’t even want to write about Ledo in the draft this year. If we could have it our way we all would’ve been watching Ledo next season in a Friar uniform. Obviously that didn’t happen, so instead we all wanted to write about Ledo beating the odds – to be the exception to the proverbial rule – and get drafted in the first round. Shake the commissioner’s hand, put on the hat, having highlights of…some game he was in play while all the analysts say their bit.

This was a particularly good highlight of Ledo's ball handling skills.

This was a particularly good highlight of Ledo’s ball handling skills.

There might’ve been some sort of redemption in that story, right? But instead we’ve ended up with the brilliant kid in high school who could get into Harvard no problem if he just was patient and applied himself, but instead chose to believe he was a shoe in based on what he was told.

Guess what? He didn’t get in. He got called at 43 overall, with talent that people have barely heard of going well before him. He’s going to be playing on the Bucks next year (or the Mavs. Or the Sixers. Or the Hawks. Look I have no idea honestly, it’s chaos right now. But I think it’s the Mavs.) and that’s assuming he makes the team. We all know the story of second round picks.

But you know what? I want to look at this from a different perspective. All we’ve heard since April 15 is “Ledo, Ledo, Ledo, Ledo, Ledo, Ledo…Ledo.” What about us? The fans? The coaching staff? The program? The Ricky Ledo saga is officially over, but what’s this mean for everyone else?

Let’s talk about it.

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Video: God Shammgod Feature on WPRI News

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A nice look into the studious life of God Shammgod, including his role on Ed Cooley’s staff.

Shammgod back at PC as a coach

The Friar Daily 9.28.12

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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place

picture Carson Desrosiers Tweet

The boys are looking sharp in the official team photo. What I would give to have all 13 of these guys play this season. Come on, Kris Dunn’s shoulder looks FINE. Get him out on the court! Man, Carson Desrosiers is tall. He should also be proud because he is also the tannest white dude, as an astute person tweets.


notes Rodney Bullock was on his official visit today. According to Steve Hartnett on Twitter, assistant coach Andre LaFleur was the lead recruiter. Of course it had to be a crappy rainy day.

notes 2013 Combo guard Rene Castro was rumored to visit campus this afternoon for an unofficial. Castro, who plays at Worcester Academy, has seen his stock fall over the last year after seeing big interest from such teams as Pitt this past spring. I’ve heard George Washington is one of the leaders, and he has a lot of offers from other A-10 schools. Providence has not offered as of yet from what I understand.

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Word got out awhile ago, but Kris Dunn was named to the official roster of this year’s prestigious McDonald’s All-American Team. He becomes just the third Friar recruit ever to make the team, joining Michael Smith and God Shammgod.

Note: Ricky Ledo was not eligible since he has not graduated in 4 years.

New London's Kris Dunn is named to the McDonald's All-American team. "It’s a great achievement. ..It shows all my hard work has paid off."
Gavin Keefe

McDonald’s All-American Game rosters released

Kyle Anderson (No. 5, UCLA)
DaJuan Coleman (No. 11, Syracuse)
Kris Dunn (No. 24, Providence)
Perry Ellis (No. 33, Kansas)
Shaq Goodwin (No. 21, Memphis)
Gary Harris (No. 16, Michigan State)
Amile Jefferson (No. 14, Uncommitted)
Tyler Lewis (No. 55, NC State)
Tony Parker (No. 22, Uncommitted)
Alex Poythress (No. 13, Kentucky)
Rodney Purvis (No. 18, NC State)
T.J. Warren (No. 25, NC State)

Brandon Ashley (No. 4, Arizona)
Isaiah Austin (No. 8, Baylor)
Anthony Bennett (No. 15, Uncommitted)
Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell (No. 27, Indiana)
Archie Goodwin (No. 7, Kentucky)
Grant Jerrett (No. 23, Arizona)
Shabazz Muhammad (No. 2, Uncommitted)
Marcus Paige (No. 28, North Carolina)
Devonta Pollard (No. 20, Uncommitted)
Cameron Ridley (No. 9, Texas)
Marcus Smart (No. 10, Oklahoma State)
Rasheed Sulaimon (No. 12, Duke)

Speaking of God Shammgod, here are some of his highlights from playing in the McD’s game in 1995. (H/T @raphiellej)

God Shammgod COX Sports Interview Videos

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The Go Friars blog run by COX Sports posted a bunch of clips of an interview (which will be a part of the Friars All Access Show) with Friar great God Shammgod. Here they are in all of their embeddable glory.

The site “Lost Letterman” (a sports alumni site with a big database of players) compiled a list of college basketball stars who disappeared and became untraceable after their big success.  Two beloved Providence Friars made the list, along with one of my personal favorite players from my childhood, Walter Berry of St. John’s.

Basketball Players’ Top 10 Disappearing Acts

6. God Shammgod (Providence)

You’d think that with a name like God Shammgod you’d be very easy to find. Well you’re better off looking for God himself than God Shammgod. And with that name and a cult-like following, plenty of people are looking for the former Friars star. The man who reportedly taught Kobe Bryant his crossover spent much of his professional career in China and last played with the International Basketball League’s Portland Chinooks in 2009. Slam Magazine was the last to locate Shammgod in 2008 in New York and they even filmed him showing off some of his ball handling skills, which is better than anyone in Lochness could capture:

2. Jimmy Walker (Providence)

The former Providence star helped lead the Friars to a No. 3 ranking his sophomore year and is widely considered the greatest Friar ever. He was also named an NBA All-Star twice. After his retirement Walker was arrested in 1983 and sent to prison for 90 days for failing to file federal income tax returns. Later in life he disappeared, hiding in plain sight in Kansas City. He was back in the news when it was revealed he was the father of Fab Five star Jalen Rose.Though they spoke briefly in the past, the two never met in person. When Providence Journal writer Bill Reynolds finally got Walker on the phone in 2000, he told the star, “I’ve been looking for you for 20 years.” In 2007, Walker passed from complications due to lung cancer.

SLAM presents SKILLZ with God Shammgod

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