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Ed Cooley on CBS Radio

dave@friarblog —  December 26th, 2012 11:31 AM —  Comments

A couple of days ago, Ed Cooley talked with Jon Rothstein from CBS Radio on the Tim Brando Show.

Friars Links 11.2.11

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CBS New York: Rothstein Files: Five Thoughts On Providence Hoops

As mentioned yesterday, Jon Rothstein took in a Friars practice yesterday (and got some good pizza at Caserta on Federal Hill!). Today he posted some more in depth analysis of what he saw.

One thing you never did when watching Ed Cooley’s teams at Fairfield was associate them with being soft — but right now, that’s the case at Providence. After multiple years of playing minimal defense and showing only small doses of fight under Keno Davis, Cooley must fight every day to make his program one synonymous with effort and determination.

Woonsocket Call: McGair: Would PC men ever consider playing games at Alumni Hall?

This might be more relevant considering the teams reportedly coming into the BIG EAST over the next few years. It would definitely be an imposing place to play if it was packed and screaming with the usual fanatics.

“It’s certainly an interesting question,” remarked Driscoll upon being broached by this reporter on said topic. “It’s a good thought and one that might make it a tough ticket if [Alumni Hall] was a great place. If it makes financial and logistical sense, then certainly we’ll consider it.”

Friar Basketball: 38 in 76: #4 NEPSAC AAA/AA Roundtable

Kevin polled coaches and recruiting gurus around the area on players and topics around the New England Prep scene.

SG: Ricardo Ledo, South Kent/Wayne Selden, Tilton School: Both Ledo and Selden received four first team votes and a pair of second teamers to tie for top billing. Ledo, the Providence verbal and longtime New England mainstay, has been one of the best scorers in the region for years, while Selden exploded onto the prep scene a year ago with strong performances against Brewster, St. Mark’s in the NEPSAC Class AA finals, and Notre Dame Prep in the National Prep Championship.

ESPN: Amnesty clause: Teams’ top candidates

So apparently Ryan Gomes is in danger of being let go by the Clippers if the Amnesty Clause makes it into the new CBA. I’m sure he will find a new home (albeit at a lesser contract), but at least he wouldn’t have to play for the Clippers anymore!

Most likely amnesty cut: Ryan Gomes

How likely to use amnesty this season? Jump ball

Other amnesty candidates: Randy Foye

Analysis: Sensible as it seems for the Clippers to consider releasing Gomes when he has two seasons and some $4 million in guaranteed money left on his contract, don’t forget who owns this team. Donald Sterling, remember, isn’t exactly known for paying people to stop working for him.

Many veteran Sterling-watchers don’t even think he could have brought himself to use the amnesty provision on the since-traded Baron Davis, whose deal is far richer, so there’s conceivably only one scenario that would prompt Sterling to pay Gomes to go away. And that’s if matching an offer to restricted free-agent center (and Blake Griffin favorite) DeAndre Jordan gets so pricey that the Clips have no alternative. If Gomes’ departure can create the sort of cap room that enables the Clips to re-sign Jordan and upgrade at small forward, that’s when you’ll see it. Maybe. Tired of waiting, Nets rookies just want to play

I’m tired of waiting too. I have a copy of NBA 2K12 sitting unwrapped in front of my TV, mostly because I can’t play as Marshon yet until the lockout is resolved.

Both players couldn’t wait for the Nets’ opener against the Wizards when the schedule was released. But the lockout has them waiting and waiting and waiting for their NBA careers to begin.

“I’m starting to get a little frustrated with everything,” Brooks said. “At this point I just want to play some ball.”

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