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Friartown News and Notes 10.10.12

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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place

picture WDOM Tweet

Today was media day at PC. Ed Cooley took the stage to discuss the upcoming season. All players were also in attendance and available for the media. The Warrior Friar attended and will have some stuff posted here soon.


Here are some relevant quotes from those in attendance at media day

Kevin McNamara ‏@KevinMcNamara33 CoachCooleyPC on the Mullaney Gym upgrades:”It’s me vs. Denzel Washington in the looks category. It’s beautiful.”

Vin Parise ‏@VinParise “I really worked on my ball handling & mid-range game this summer. We’re gonna run pick n rolls for all of our guards.” – Bryce Cotton

Vin Parise ‏@VinParise “God Shammgod has been a great mentor to me…..especially with ball handling & playing on the perimeter.” – LaDontae Henton

Vin Parise ‏@VinParise “When the NCAA ruled me a partial, I wasn’t totally shocked cause I knew it might happen, but it was still very hurtful.” – Ricky Ledo

Vin Parise ‏@VinParise “I really think Friar fans are going to like my outside shot when the season finally gets started.” – Josh Fortune

Vin Parise ‏@VinParise ”I’m almost 1/3 back if I had to guess. My personal goal is to start playing at the beginning of Big East play.” – Kris Dunn

Vin Parise ‏@VinParise “It’s a different feel than last year. Guys have bought in more and I’m positive we’ll be a lot better defensively.” – Bryce Cotton

KevinFriarBasketball ‏@Kevin_Farrahar Batts on leadership, “I can honestly say I wasn’t mature enough to take that role in past years… I’m definitely ready to take that role.”

KevinFriarBasketball ‏@Kevin_Farrahar Kofane: “Sometimes the game moved too fast for me (last year). I learned over the summer to slow the game down.”

KevinFriarBasketball ‏@Kevin_Farrahar Some Sidiki soundbites: “I’m a versatile player. I’m a matchup nightmare. I can matchup with anybody on the court.”

KevinFriarBasketball ‏@Kevin_Farrahar Sidiki on rust after sitting out last year and being injured his senior season, “Ain’t no rust. This is what I do.”

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The Friar Daily 9.20.12

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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place

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Look at that form. Next year. *Deep breath*.


link Severe, Martin to Visit Rhode Island Friday (UPDATED)

Hassan Martin, 2013 forward, has Providence in his final 3 according to his AAU coach. Iowa State was nixed apparently. He is visiting URI this weekend, but not sure why he wouldn’t also hit up PC. Lots of recruiting battles going on between Cooley and Hurley! They both are also in the mix for 2013 guard E.C. Matthews.

Martin is a 6-7, 190-pound power forward from Curtis on Staten Island who visited Rhode Island unofficially in June.

“I think he’s down to Rhode Island, Providence and St. Joe’s,” said Chris Alesi, Martin’s AAU coach with New Heights.

Alesi said “he’s going to be a kid that has a chance to be a high-impact player depending on where he goes. He’s got the potential to be a wing down the road. He’s skinny but real, real athletic. He’s a real big-time athlete.”

notes Got confirmation that Coach Cooley was in Indy yesterday meeting with 2013 guard Ron Patterson’s parents. Not sure how it went yet, but I bet the rents want him to come east!

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Ed Cooley talked with Cox Sports’ Vin Parise after playing in the recent Cox-PC golf outing, and shared his thoughts on the new Friars and the upcoming season.

* Cooley doesn’t want to speculate when Kris Dunn will be back, and said he had a tough time in dealing with not being able to play. That’s understandable, and sounds like he had a great support system in his family and Ed Cooley.

* Ledo is “learning how to practice”, understanding what it’s like to compete everyday at a high level.

* Josh Fortune has been a great surprise so far, and he’s up 13-14 lbs since he got to campus. He’s “way ahead of schedule”. That’s great to hear, since the minutes will be there for him from the start.

* Not much on Sidiki other than that he will be another live body come December who can run and rebound. Let’s hope he plays interior defense.

* VC is the best point guard in the country. He’s become more of a leader and has grown academically. Seems like the days of missing games for “coaches decision” reasons are behind us hopefully. Can he get the recognition Marshon got despite not being on the best team?

* Defense, defense, defense.

Via Cox Sports

This is a guest post by @Craigl78. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and check out his stuff on all of the Friar messageboards.

1. July Live Period

This week marks the first of three live periods in July where coaches can once again evaluate and recruit players. Up until now it seems like High Major programs including PC have offered scores of players. Pay close attention to where the staff is during July and who they are watching and you will know who the staff is really serious about. Early returns this week place Ed Cooley at the Addidas Invitational and he has been paying particularly close attention to the Mass Rivals team ( Noah Vonleh, Matt Cimino, Josh Sharma, Jeremy Miller, and Kaleb Joseph). Let’s see where else the staff pops up and who they are watching.

2. The Saga of Kiwi Gardner

Will he be a Friar or won’t he? The latest is that a final decision may not be made until September. Stay tuned. Until then, expect a few more Youtube videos to come out from the San Francisco Pro-Am League.

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Providence fans are reaching for the Dramamine once again after yet another turbulent offseason as the Friars’, still unsettled, roster has experienced more ups and downs than a yo-yo riding the Tower of Terror. The collective queasiness is led by recent news that the two cornerstones of Ed Cooley’s nationally acclaimed recruiting class face a few challenges before they can get on the court.  McDonald’s All-America honoree Kris Dunn needs shoulder surgery and will be out for approximately five months, while hometown savior Ricky Ledo has yet to officially be declared an academic qualifier by the NCAA Clearinghouse.  Difficult circumstances to digest for sure but before we all head to the Mt. Hope Bridge for a final plunge let’s pause and assess the situation.

Will Kris Dunn be able to shoulder the load this season? (Photo: New London Day,

This is why coaches never stop recruiting. All positions, all years, regardless of how secure things appear with a roster.  Some wondered why Providence has continued to recruit guards in the 2012 and 2013 classes given what was a seemingly crowded backcourt featuring commitments from Ledo, Dunn, Josh Fortune and Ian Baker to go along with key returnees such as Vincent Council and Bryce Cotton, despite a more pressing need for bigs.  Well now you know why.

More than ever in college basketball there are increasing variables and moving pieces with regard to players, so coaches have to maintain a pipeline to draw upon when the expectedly unexpected happens.  This spring and summer for PC has been a case study.  Some of the roster movement (see Bilal Dixon and Ron Giplaye) was certainly perpetuated by the new staff and their desier to mold a damaged program in their own image.  However, in addition to the anticipated turnover Cooley and company saw the foundation wobble as Council considered going pro while Cotton pondered following his former backcourt mate Gerard Coleman through the transfer door.   Fortunately both players remain in the fold now that both Dunn and Baker (torn ACL) are sidelined with serious injuries and Ledo is in academic limbo.  I also saw on Twitter the other day that Vincent Council was going to play some soccer. The way things have been going, here’s hoping he was talking about FIFA ’13 and not the real thing. Free Kiwi!

So what happens now?  Kris Dunn’s injury, while disappointing (mostly for Dunn to be sure), is not career threatening and the worst case scenario is that he red shirts this year.  However among the many things Dunn has going for him, he is a young, highly conditioned athlete and in this day and age people like him tend to heal quickly.  So, barring any problems with the surgery (no, a URI doctor is not operating on him….I think), or setbacks in his recovery, it is a more than fair expectation to see Dunn on the floor at some point this season.

With regard to Ricky Ledo, on the plus side there have been positive signs, rumors and reports out there saying he has made positive strides and accomplished what he needed to qualify from a grade, core course and testing standpoint.  In contrast, Ledo’s fate is in the NCAA’s hands now and they are about as well thought out as Snooki.  So we simply have to wait and hope they do right by the young man.  As far as the worst case scenario? Well, it is definitely that for Ledo.  By all accounts he is committed to being a Friar and playing a key role in the resurgence of Providence basketball.  However if Ledo does not qualify and faces a year away from competition, he could very well opt to explore other options and never step foot on the Dunk’s floor as a Friar.  On the other hand, if the NCAA delivers good news the upside is huge and a reinfusion of energy instantly surges into the program.

Ledo’s presence would provide instant dividends (Photo:


Ian Baker has a torn ACL and it appears likely he will sit out the year.  Baker did not sign a letter of intent and there has been speculation around his status, but he was recently reported to be heading to campus for July classes.

Even if the worst case scenario plays out and both Ledo and Dunn miss the season, a Friar backcourt featuring Council, Cotton, Fortune and Kiwi Gardner will be thin, again, but certainly formidable.  Yes, there is also a possibility that former Virginia and URI guard Billy Baron will opt to come to PC as a non-scholarship player which would add some additional depth. Insert Ledo in there from the jump and things go from good to great because, barring any initial jitters about the perceived magnitude about playing for his city and state, Ledo should provide instant impact with his length and scoring ability.  Add Dunn back into the mix sometime in November or December and it gets that much better.

Ultimately what the presence this season of Dunn and/or Ledo will do is provide Providence with the talent, depth and flexibility to compensate for what is looking like an anorexic, albeit potentially improved, frontcourt.  Barring a late commitment from the likes of Jordan Dickerson or Tony Trocha the workload will be massive for LaDontae Henton, Kadeem Batts, Brice Kofane and Sidiki Johnson.  That is the same Sidiki Johnson who, as things stand right now, will not even be available until December.  The good news is Batts and Kofane should benefit from a full off-season under Ed Cooley and Johnson has plenty of potential to live up to. Lee Goldsbrough will add depth as well. Further, not sure if you heard but, players like big minutes and at the moment the minutes offered by Ed Cooley are anabolic.

Stay tuned Friartown.


Dunn and Ledo on ESPNU

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During last night’s Signing Day Special on ESPNU, Ricky Ledo and Kris Dunn had a nice spot to go along with their in studio passing and fake shooting. A little tease before we seem them play together in the Jordan Classic this weekend if you will.

So Friars are transferring left and right and there’s still no big man, but LOOK OVER THERE! It’s a Kris Dunn and Ricky Ledo All-American Games Mix tape from FriarTV.

Kris Dunn Career Highlights

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Be sure to watch Kris Dunn tonight on ESPN at 9:30PM in the McDonald’s All-American game.

via The Day

The McDonald’s All-American festivities have been going on the past several days, culminating with the game tonight at 9:30 on ESPN. Kris Dunn has been impressing everyone left and right, even placing third in the Skills competition on Monday night. Here is a mix tape video of some footage from the practices. Check out the Kris Dunn move about 49 seconds in.

Kris Dunn has won Gatorade’s Player of the Year award for Connecticut. Enjoy the Gatorade, because it’s almost Cooley-Aid time!

ESPN: Connecticut Boys Hoop POY: Kris Dunn

“Kris Dunn has been a pleasure to coach during his four years as a varsity starter,” said New London head coach Craig Parker. “He works extremely hard in the classroom and his passion for basketball is unsurpassed by anyone I’ve known in my 25 years of coaching.”