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The Friars defeated Rhode Island College 76-52 tonight at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center. That 24 point win sounds great, doesn’t it? PC actually trailed by one point at the half after playing 20 minutes of all around terrible basketball. The team could have been a little out of sorts since their already thin lineup was a little banged up.

According to the radio broadcast, Bryce Cotton was held out of the game as a precaution. He bruised his thumb during practice this week, and it was swelling a little bit today so Ed Cooley just held him out of the game. GET SOME ICE FOR ICE. Cooley said postgame that he is day to day.

Kadeem Batts has been battling (no pun intended) bursitis in his left shoulder all week. He missed the last 4 days of practice, and wasn’t in the starting lineup tonight. However, Batts ended up playing 12 total minutes and scored 6 points (2-3 shooting) with 5 rebounds. The shoulder didn’t seem to bother him too much, as he sounded pretty active in the 2nd half (apparently he had a big dunk too). I’m not quite sure what type of injury this is, or how long it will affect him, but it’s a possible huge issue to keep an eye on going forward.

Friartown News and Notes 10.26.12

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picture Friars Ticket Office Tweet

If you have season tickets, you probably received this in the mail today. I am very envious.


link Providence Journal: Friars fans meet Ted Bancroft

Before the Frankenstorm hits the east coast, WHITE LIGHTNING will be hitting Rhode Island.

“Ted will be in the mix, for sure,” Cooley said. “He’s an energy, hustle guy who knows how to handle things on the floor.”

As for what he’s calling his `Iron Seven,’ Cooley knows his core must avoid sloppy fouls and everyone must be ready to contribute.

notes It seems that every day this week there was another ruling on a transfer getting either denied or granted a waiver to play this season. Tavon Sledge from Iona got a hardship waiver earlier in the week, but Manhattan was out of luck with getting Ashton Pankey eligible this year. URI also found out that Ifeanyi Onyekaba had to sit out all season. Is Sidiki Johnson’s name coming up soon? Kevin McNarama mentioned last week that the paperwork was just getting organized, so it’s a little confusing since Sidiki said at PC Media Day that they were awaiting word from the NCAA (and it was a 50/50 chance). Either way, at least Sidiki will be on the court in mid-December. Steve Hartnett of tweeted that he’s really taken to playing under Cooley and has been the best transfer so far.

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Friartown News and Notes 10.23.12

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The Ed Cooley “We’re gonna bite some asses” quote from BIG EAST Media Day really needed to have a Meme. Recaption away.

cooley bite

link Connecticut Post: Chris Elsberry: Providence, Cooley have chip on shoulder from coaches’ preseason poll

Coach Cooley, flashing his inner Walter White (sans meth making and drug dealing).

“(Those games) ate at me but I also realized that I was inheriting a team that just wasn’t close (chemistry-wise),” Cooley said. “And I think the closer that we become, those kind of games become easier to win, because our guys will play with a purpose of togetherness and not so much individually.”

To that extent, after cleaning house, as it were, Cooley made it a top priority to preach chemistry to his players.
“It was the number one thing we talked about after last season,” Cooley said. “Building chemistry toward success. That was the number one thing we talked about. This team has grown as far as chemistry. Our players are bonding more.”

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Actual photo of Warrior Friar at 12:30 PM, Mal Brown game.

You know how that old rhyme goes. First comes fall, then comes madness, then comes a scrimmage before the season happens.

…Well it goes something like that anyway. No matter; this past Saturday was our first preview of the 2012-2013 men’s basketball squad. Featuring a renovated alumni gym, a slew of new players, and – finally – some basketball!

This being the only time some of the players would get to play in front of the public this season, there was definitely some curiosity for how the performance would be. What would Ledo look like? How are Harris and Carson D? Will Vincent Council live up to expectations? While it’s only an exhibition, I left the campus with some good impressions of this years squad – both playing and non-playing alike. Here’s my Five Factors from the Mal Brown scrimmage:

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Friartown News and Notes 10.18.12

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picture FriarTickets Tweet

Check out the student season tickets this year. This will fit in quite well on my “Ed Cooley Yelling” Pinterest Board.


link Fanfest and Mal Brown Scrimmage Set For Saturday at 10 A.M.

If you didn’t know already, every Friar is eligible to play in the Mal Brown game. Neener, neener, neener. You can’t touch us here, NCAA!

The Fanfest will feature the annual Mal Brown intrasquad scrimmage at Noon in the newly renovated Mullaney Gymnasium with the 2012-13 men’s basketball team led by Head Coach Ed Cooley. All members of the Friar men’s basketball team will participate in the intrasquad scrimmage, including 2012-13 Preseason First Team All-BIG EAST Selection Vincent Council, LaDontae Henton and Bryce Cotton, as well as, newcomers Ricky Ledo, Josh Fortune, Carson Desrosiers and Tyler Harris.

notes Sometimes the Mal Brown game can foreshadow a season’s performance. LaDontae Henton showed Friar fans right from the start what kind of productive player he could be, scoring a game high 18 points with a perfect 4-4 from three point range. Other times, it could be a complete utter fluke like two years ago when Dre Evans scored 18 points and dished out 5 assists. Evans ended up only scoring 45 total points in his short Providence career, which was about 44 more than the number of readable things he posted on Twitter. It’s fun to see the team finally play after waiting all offseason, but I’m not going to lose my shit if Brice Kofane drops 20 points.

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Friartown News and Notes 10.17.12

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picture PCAthletics Tweet

The guys Looking sharp representing PC at BIG EAST Media Day today.


notes Like Coach Cooley, I was a little shocked at the Friars being picked to finish last in the coaches’ poll. However, the team has done nothing over the past several years to prove otherwise. The front court has a lot of questions, and we don’t know how Kris Dunn is going to bounce back from his injury. I think the Friars will definitely finish better than 15th, but there a few unknowns that must be overcome in order to do so.

notes I attended PC’s New York Sports Night last night at PJ Clarke’s on the Hudson and it was a fantastic time. I met Cooley and Henton, and got to talk to a lot of great Friar fans. I’ll have more about the night tomorrow.

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Friartown News and Notes 10.8.12

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picture @PCAthletics Tweet

While you were sleeping early Sunday morning in preperation of an NFL Sunday, the Friar basketball players were SWIMMING as part of “The Program” workout sessions.


notes The Friartown Twitterverse was in a little bit of a frenzy after 2014 guard Kahari Beaufort (who is attending Late Night Madness on Friday) went on a tweeting spree about how excited he was about LNM and PC in general. He tweeted at Coach Cooley, said he was wearing Friars gear, retweeted EVERY Friar fan who gave him love, and even talked about big news coming up. It sounds like he is definitely interested in Providence, but let’s temper the enthusiasm a bit until there is an official decision. Based on some things I was told, let’s just say his Twitter follower count could be a big factor here.

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Friartown News and Notes 10.4.12

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picture @KamesJirby Tweet

The season ticket holder party was held tonight. This is Ed Cooley’s stage. Over 1,000 people were reportedly in attendance.


notes New Friar recruit Rodney Bullock will be attending Late Night Madness next week. Former Friar Jamel Thomas also will be there according to his tweet.

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Friartown News and Notes 10.3.12

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picture Marshon Brooks Instagram

Pretty sweet Adidas ad.


link ESPN: Bullock another recruiting win for Friars

Hearing about his great defense brought a tear to my eye.

Even more important than his offensive versatility is his defensive value. Prior to arriving at Providence, Cooley led Fairfield program’s to unprecedented heights by building the top defensive team in the MAAC. When he arrived at Providence, he wasn’t just taking over a team that needed to upgrade its talent base, but he was inheriting one of the worst defensive units in the Big East.

The Friars made consistent strides in that area last year, but there is still work to be done. Bullock will be a major asset in that endeavor because he’ll provide Cooley with just the type of long and mobile athlete he built his defense around at Fairfield.

Because Bullock can defend multiple positions, he’ll allow Cooley flexibility in his lineups and matchups. As the Friars add more and more versatile defenders, they’ll be able to extend their defense with more consistency while also utilizing more switching concepts within their halfcourt coverage — two things which have historically been key components to Cooley’s defensive playbook.

notes Since the loss in the NCAA Tournament in 2004, it seems that Friartown has been in an infinite loop of “next year” mode. “Wait until all these young guys play another couple of years together”, “The recruiting is on the verge of BLOWING UP!”, or “The next class is going to make us a Top 20 team!”. There have been injuries, de-commitments, players leave, and eligibility issues that have always seemed to pop up at the wrong times. Looking ahead to “next year”, doesn’t it seem that ALOT has to go wrong in order to derail what Ed Cooley is building toward? I’m not trying to jinx Friartown here since I feel like we’ve been down this road before as recently as last year, but Cooley’s brick by brick philosophy is turning into a massive structure that we will see with our own eyes next year.

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The Friar Daily 9.26.12

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picture @soccerhooligan7 Tweet

Who wants to play some Friars cornhole? I must have this.


link ProJo: What you see isn’t exactly what you’ll get

Great article by Kevin McNamara on the upcoming season, including the great revelation that Ed Cooley calls Ted Bancroft “White Lightning”. Reminds me of that awesome cameo from Jesse Ventura in the move “Major League”. BLACK HAMMER / WHITE LIGHTNING. “Mine fell the hardest!”. “Mine are the deadest”. “HAHAHAHAHA”. Watch out BIG EAST foes, you are going to be the deadest with Teddy B on the court.

As for the seven players who will begin the season, Cooley is impressed and says the group is “light years ahead” of where the Friars were a year ago.

“Just the pace of what we do at practice, the way we run, the intensity and, of course, the skill level. We’re moving in the right direction,” he says.

notes The Kevin McNamara article also confirms some the suspicions lately about recruiting for 2013. The staff is heavily focusing on 2014, but they would like to add another PG to replace Council. I don’t think we are in for any big splashes other than possibly Russ “the Buss” Patterson or Dayshon Smith.

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