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The Friar Daily 9.9.12

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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place.

link NBA Prospects: Scouting Report: Ricky Ledo

New phrases of terror for Friar fans, “Ricky Ledo” and “NBA Prospects”.

The thing about his efficiency is the kind of shots he takes. He is a high volume shooter who can get up shots from anywhere. When he you can shoot from anywhere, you tend to end up taking some bad shots. Ledo needs to be careful and make sure he doesn’t end up taking a lot of low percentage long 2-pt shots. He also needs to finish better at the rim. As I said, Ledo does a great job penetrating the lane, but blows too many lay-ups. Lack of concentration could be one of the culprits, as he is creative around the rim and gets a lot of hangtime. Ledo isn’t a top level explosive athlete around the rim, but he can be on the receiving end of impressive dunks. He also can finish with both hands. His struggle to finish may also have to involve him trying to be too “cute” at the rim instead of going for the easy finish.

picture RIHoops Tweet

On the flip side, this is awesome. Let’s hope he’s not parlaying these workouts into any overseas gigs.


notes Speaking of Ledo, this guy Ryan Feldman (who used to run The Hoops Report but know works at ESPN) tweeted to me on Friday that he spoke to Kris Dunn’s father. Papa Dunn apparently said he thinks Ledo will go overseas this year so he can get drafted. Not good.

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The Friar Daily 9.6.12

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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place.

link WPRI: PC rookie barred from playing in 2012

Ed Cooley spoke with the media today regarding the Ricky Ledo decision from yesterday.

“He was a little disappointed, I’m pretty sure his family was, but for me as the coach here I’m happy with this decision, because the big picture for me is educating these young men to get them to become better people in the long run,” said Friars head coach Ed Cooley. “I think this is a positive for Ricky, I think it’s a positive for our community.”

link ESPN: 2012 NBA Player Rankings: 141-160

Marshon Brooks coming in at #148. 7 better than DeJuan Blair. Take that, Pitt! Huge jump from #347 last year though. Just going in the complete opposite direction than his Friar alum friend Gomes.

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picture NittyGritty_Wil Tweet

Marshon was in NYC tonight signing autographs at the NBA Store. Here is a pic from someone on Twitter. You can also check out what shoes he was wearing.


notes I hate politics, but apparently Barack Obama said in his DNC speech tonight “Providence is with us!” I guess he didn’t hear the Ledo news. Well, maybe he will get re-elected and show up on ESPN with Andy Katz picking the Friars to advance in the 2014 NCAA Tournament.

link Friar Basketball: “20 in 60″: #15 Where are they now? Tracking former Friars

A great rundown of where all the players, coaches, and once recruits are currently up to. Yes, I am still in shock someone hired Keno.

Keno Davis (Head Coach) –After taking off the 2011-2012 season to do TV color commentary for the Big 10 Network,  Keno Davis was announced as the new coach of the Central Michigan Chippewas in the Mid America Conference.  Keno takes over a team that was 11-21 last year (5-11 in the MAC). Davis will be reunited with James Still on January 15 when the Chippewas take on Eastern Michigan University.

link ESPN: 3-point shot: Miss. St. establishing culture

PC will play Mississippi State on December 1st on ESNPU as part of the BIG EAST / SEC Challenge. Sounds like there may not be a lot of scholarship players between the two teams.

Mississippi State is down to nine usable scholarship players after first-time head coach Rick Ray dismissed Shaun Smith and Kristers Zeidaks for repeated violations. The team’s 10th scholarship player, Jacoby Davis, is out with a torn ACL. So what is Ray doing? “The biggest thing is to establish a culture of accountability,” said Ray. “It’s no reflection in the past.” Ray said that to be PC, but Rick Stansbury’s program did have its issues lately by enabling Renardo Sidney. “The programs I’ve been at in Clemson and Purdue we’ve held guys accountable and doing things the right way. Ultimately that’s the way you win and build programs.” Ray said his intent is to make sure he’s putting together a program for the short term and the long term. “It’s a misconception that I’m laying down the foundation for the future,” said Ray. “It’s not just the future. It’s for now.” Ray said the Bulldogs won’t be deep but in college basketball most teams play nine players anyway. “We still have eight or nine guys who can play. It’s not doom and gloom.”

link Rush the Court: Ten Games To Watch In Big East Play This Season

Spoiler alert, none of them are PC games.

It’s arguably one of the best leagues in the sport, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that most Big East competition is defined by high-quality matchups between nationally successful programs. Still, it’s refreshing to see the specifics of league play – not just in the Big East, but for most of the sport’s high-major conferences – in  plain view and know that those gritty, high-stakes conference matchups aren’t too far off.

twitter-bird-white-on-blue FriarFrenzy Tweet

2014 big man visiting PC soon.

Quadri Moore 6'9" Rivals 91. #pcbb MT“@: Linden (NJ) 2014 big says he may visit the Friars this month.”
Welcome to Friartown

link Run the Floor: The 189 most followed D-I basketball coaches on Twitter

Ed Cooley (@CoachCooleyPC) comes in at #102. Let’s get the man some followers! John Calipari leads the way by a huge margin with 1.2 million followers. There’s a joke in there somewhere about buying followers (which is a real thing!), and I think I just made it!

link Hoops Dream Magazine: Noah Vonleh Mr. McDonald’s All American

We desperately need a PG for 2013, but if Vonleh wants to reclassify to next year, I think we’ll have a spot ready for him!

Noah Vonleh seen first hand what happen to Tilton’s Nerlens Noel, as he was not able to participate in the prestigious McDonald’s All American game. Last season.

Rumors are circulating that Vonleh has talked about reclassifying, back into his original class of 2013.

If you’re going to reclassify, do it relatively early.  Don’t wait until the last minute, would be advice one would inform Vonleh.

The Friar Daily 9.5.12

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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place.

link Statement From Ed Cooley Regarding Ricky Ledo

Obviously the big news for today:

“Today the NCAA informed us that the eligibility waiver for Ricky Ledo has been partially approved and Ricky will be allowed to practice with the team but he can’t compete in games. We are excited that Ricky has the oppotunity pursue his education and be part of the team. We believe that this gives us the chance to help him grow as an individual.”

“I am happy to be a student at Providence College,” Ledo said. “It has always been a dream of mine to represent PC and I am looking forward to my days as a student-athlete.”

notes With the Ledo ineligible news in addition to Kris Dunn’s injury, someone better bubble wrap Josh Fortune for the next few months. If it’s raining on campus, someone carry him to class! Make sure his posture is OK in class, and that he doesn’t develop carpel tunnel from too much typing.

link Men’s Basketball 2012-13 Schedule Announced

Our full schedule came out today. WarriorFriar and I will be taking a closer look later in the week. Looking at it briefly, the out of conference slate looks very tame (Bryant, NJIT!) outside of some tough potential competition at the Puerto Rico Tip Off. The start of the BIG EAST is a little rough with starting out on the road against Louisville and playing Syracuse a week later. Overall, there will be 6 games televised on either ESPN, ESPN2, or ESPNU.

More analysis: GoLocalProv, Friar Basketball

notes If you are in NYC, Marshon Brooks will signing autographs at the NBA Store on Thursday at 8PM.

twitter-bird-white-on-blue Adam Finkelstein Tweet

Dayshon Smith just took an unofficial to PC not to long ago, but he’s coming back for more.

Smith @ also visiting Providence unofficially this weekend. Butler latest school to express interest.
Adam Finkelstein

picture KamesJirby Tweet

Hey, we have floors at Alumni now!


youtube The Basketball Diary: 2012 Dyckman Basketball Tournament Semifinals | Team 914 Vs Harlem Ballers

A game played on August 16th ithat former Friar Geoff McDermott played in. He’s on the blue team.

The Friar Daily 8.29.12

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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place.

link Providence Journal: Ledo on PC campus for orientation; no NCAA word yet

Here is Kevin’s take on the Ledo stuff from this afternoon, including a Friarblog shoutout in the Projo!

For the record, the NCAA has NOT made a ruling on Ledo’s case. Many PC people were hoping definitive word would come down earlier this week but not yet. PC and the NCAA have been in steady communication about Ledo’s eligibility waiver for the last few weeks and everyone is hoping for a final decision by the end of this week.

picture DavidPreston_ Tweet

@PCAthletics on Twitter has been asking some trivia questions lately. Yesterday they asked who the Friars defeated in the Blizzard of ’78. I knew the answer was North Carolina, but tweeter David Preston went one step further and provided the actual ticket stub from the game! To think you could get a ticket for a THIRD of the price of a beer at The Dunk these days…


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Marshon Appears in NBA 2K13 Trailer

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2KSports released a new trailer for their upcoming iteration of their basketball series that promotes their extra “All-Star” content if you preorder it. If you watch closely at the 0:37 mark, you can catch a digital Mrashon Brooks doing work in the “Rising Stars Challenge” feature.

H/T @ProvCollege_OAS

Friar Daily 8.21.12

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All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place.

linkGoLocalProv: PC at Brown – The Toughest Ticket In Town!

This year the Friars will be playing Brown in their 2,800 capacity building. C’MON BROWN!

How did the game wind up at Brown? “It’s my understanding that Providence called us because they had an imbalance in their schedule as far as home and road games so they asked us if they could play at Brown this year,” said Bears’ first-year head coach Mike Martin.

Needless to say, Martin is thrilled with the idea of having the Friars inside the Bears’ den. “This will be a great night for our program being able to host Providence at Brown,” he said. “We wish our students could be on campus to enjoy it too, but none-the-less it should be a great atmosphere and environment that our players will enjoy.” Help Us Grow Our Friar Family

I am not a season ticket holder, but feel free to submit my name. I like getting phone calls!

Providence College Athletics is implementing a new season ticket referral program. With your help, we can bring this program to National prominence and grow our Friar family.

Any current season ticket holder who submits names of friends, family, or neighbors whom they believe belong in the Providence College Athletic Family will be rewarded.

imIM Chat

friarblog: “How can we stir the pot today?”

friarblog: “I heard Ledo was seen on his phone looking up plane tickets to Germany!”

WarriorFriar: ”ledo is headed to the court at providence…place mall”

WarriorFriar: “ledo is geared up to head to the dunk…in donuts a block away from him. loves that mocha iced coffee!”

WarriorFriar: ”ledo last seen with the friars finding out he’s eligible…to get to heaven”

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London? How about CLEVELAND, where Marshon Brooks scored 44 and 47 points in back to back Dru Joyce Summer League games over the weekend. Nice work, Marshon. It’s no 52 points, but it’ll do.

via Complex Sports

Friars Links 3.5.12

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The UConn Blog: The fanbases of the Big East as Simpsons characters

Probably the only good thing that will come out of UConn this year. I didn’t care for the Providence one, so here is St. John’s

The St. John’s Red Storm — Abe Simpson

If anyone was ever going to tell you a story about the NCAA tournament being held at Madison Square Garden with tickets costing five bees (there were bees on the nickel at the time, give me five bees for a quarter you’d say), it’d be leading St. John’s fan and noted college basketball expert Mike Francesa. Also, Grandpa Simpson strikes me as someone who’d be really excited about using the term “redmen.” I’ll just note here that the other character under consideration was Maggie Simpson, because she lives in a house (MSG) but everyone else does whatever they want in there.
Relevant Quote: “I’m cold and there are wolves after me.”

Cox Sports Online: Finkelstein on Cooley’s Recruiting

Cox Sports Online: 2/28 Friars All Access talks with Vincent Council

SBNation New York: Big East Tournament 2012: Providence Basketball Preview

Playing For: Pride

Unless the Friars run the table in the Big East Tournament, which is very unlikely, there’s no shot of qualifying for a at-large postseason berth in the NCAA or NIT Tournaments. Coach Cooley is hoping that his young squad can earn a few victories that can build momentum for next season.

The Register Citizen: BOYS BASKETBALL: 10 things to look for, 5 players to watch in the state tournament

Plot line: Kris Dunn had a brilliant junior season, teaming with Torin Childs-Harris to lead the Whalers to an undefeated season capped by a Class L state championship. Childs-Harris is gone, but Dunn had another monster season, topping 2,000 points for his career, getting selected to play in the McDonald’s All-American Game and leading New London to another Eastern Connecticut Conference championship. Now, can he lead New London to its first Class LL title?

You should know: Dunn will play at Providence College next season.

Rumble in the Garden: Big East Blogger Roundtable awards: coach, players, rookies

This time of year, I like to poll some of my fellow Big East bloggers/ writers about their picks for the league’s top honors – Coach of the Year, Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and the all-league teams.

As every year, the Big East season has had a number of surprises, discussed in Part II of the Roundtable. It’s striking that the official all-Big East selections – and the Roundtable’s selections, below – bear only passing resemblance to who we thought would be the best players in the league last fall. There is the joy of sports – not knowing who or what will emerge, being wowed by the surprises. And even with the benefit of hindsight, the voting was close. Melo Named BIG EAST Defensive Player of the Year

Jack Cooley Most Improved Player? Blah.

ESPN: Conference Power Rankings: Big East

15. Providence :This has been the story for much of the year for the Friars: fight hard but lose. Providence gave Notre Dame all it could handle but had no answer for Jack Cooley.

ESPN: Is there a new elite forward in Texas?

Down in Texas, there’s a new Class of 2013 prospect who is generating a ripple in the vast ocean of college basketball recruiting. By the time the spring is over, that ripple may gather enough force and turn into a tidal wave of attention.

Tony Trocha (Houston, Texas/St. Thomas) came to Texas from Colombia. He’s been in class for two weeks. During that time, the head coach from Texas A&M came to school as did assistants from Providence and Wichita State. Ohio State, George Mason and Texas have plans to see him soon. What’s going on?

Nets Daily: Bucher Paints Rosy Picture on Nets; Magic Ownership Is Impediment

Nice big head Marshon!

Marshon Brooks Involved in Double Alley-oop

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It’s a double alley-oop all the way! Woooooh oh my GOD OH MY GOD!! Wooooooo. Oh WOW. It was starting to look like a TRIPLE alley-oop. ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE SKY!


Well done, Marshon.

Marshon Brooks participated in the Rising Stars Challenge on Friday night as part of the NBA All-Star Weekend. While his “Team Chuck” won 146-133, Brooks had a few ridiculously bad plays perhaps trying to show off a little too much. Here they are in animated gif glory.

Yikes. Marshon finished with 8 points on 3-10 shooting, plus 3 assists (I’m assuming that failed dunk counted as one?). At least he’s playing well when the games count, eh?

via SBNation