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The Friar Daily 9.12.12

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Campus for 9/11. Remembering those lives lost, including those beloved ones from PC.


notes I was actually at PC as a junior on the day of the attacks. I’ve never watched so much news in one day with my roommates.

link GoLocalProv: Things Are Looking Up At PC

I’ve heard the students are a little upset about the Ricky Ledo situation, to the point where apathy could be a problem. Chin up students! Season tickets are actually up, so follow the lead of the rest of Friartown!

Driscoll also told that season ticket sales for men’s basketball have gone well and, despite the economy, the season ticket base is stronger than it was a year ago. “At last check we were probably about 400 up from last year and that includes attrition,” he said.

There is little doubt that the excitement of this year’s recruiting class which included McDonald’s All-American’s Kris Dunn and Ricky Ledo energized the fan base. And, even though neither will be on the floor to start the season, Dunn is expected to play sometime this winter while Ledo has pledged his commitment to PC after he was ruled not eligible to play his freshman year. Ledo first told of his intention to stay at PC for 2 years, a commitment he confirmed in a statement released by the school last week.

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Former Friar Marcus Douthit is now on Twitter. He plays in the Phillapines these days, and doesn’t want to leave for a chance at more money. The big man is 2nd all time in blocks at Providence College, only behind Marvin Barnes. You can see a list of other Friar alumni on Twitter here.

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SLAM Marvin Barnes Piece

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SLAM Online has been putting some of their older magazine features up in a section called “Original Old School”.  They posted an article featuring Marvin Barnes from September 1999.

Original Old School: The Year of Living Dangerously

“I’m a basketball player, not a monk.” Marvin once said, “I play the women, I play the clothes, I play the cars, I play everything I can. There’s players and there’s playees. The playees are the ones that get played on by the players. I’m a player.

Marvin Barnes recently conducted several interviews with AOL Fanhouse.  No, he did not ask Senior NBA Writer Chris Tomasson if he could CARRY THE TORCH, or if he had the same ambition as him.  Instead, we will just have to settle for some more good ‘ol fashion Marvin stories and classic quotes.

‘Bad News’ Always Made Headlines

Lots of interesting stuff in here (especially if you are not very familiar with the old Friar great).  I knew he had a lot of problems, but drug trafficking??

“I was making 40 to 50 grand a week with the drugs,” said Barnes, who is working on a book with New England writer Mike Carey and offered some details on his life. “I was making so much money (in the selling of marijuana) it was hard to stay focused (on basketball).”

I don’t know about you, but I would buy his book in a heartbeat.  Oh right, the drug trafficking.  Continue.

“Hindelang was the guy who started the ‘mother ship,’ which would park five miles away and boats would shoot for the (Colombia) shore,” Barnes said. “He got a two-ton freighter a bunch of us (contributed for financially). Then it would go down and buy two tons of Colombian marijuana.

“It was the best marijuana. We bought it from the Colombian government for a dollar a pound … I was investing money (in the operation).’”+

Some other good Marvin quotes from the article:

“I would have been one of the 50 greatest players of all time”

“I was one of the five best players on the planet period (with St. Louis). Just ask anybody (from) back then … I was kicking some butt”

I was in New York once and I didn’t want to leave with the team in the morning,” Barnes said. “I had two girls with me and I partied all night. So I rented me a Lear jet to fly down to Virginia (where the Spirits were playing). I put on my uniform underneath a cashmere coat.

“I came into the arena right before the game with a hamburger and french fries. I took my jacket off and said, ‘Never fear. Marvin’s here.’ I got benched for the first quarter, but in the final three quarters I scored like 48 points (actually 53). Then I made the owner and the general manager pay the pilot, who had come with me in the cab to the game, $1,500 for fuel

When I was playing in the NBA, I would do it at halftime,” Barnes said. “(Only one) time it was done on the bench. I had a towel over my head and (Celtics guard) Don Chaney and other guys kept looking away as I snorted.

I would carry a .38 in one arm and a .45 in another,” Barnes said. “Guys would hang their pistols up in the locker room. They called us the Detroit Hoodlums. (A lot of the players) carried guns. It was a normal thing.

Marvin now works with the “Men to Men” program, which helps youths stay out of trouble in Providence.  It is unclear if the Geoff McDermott interview from last year was part of this program.

Click here to read the full article on AOL Fanhouse.

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Providence Friar legend Marvin Barnes recently sat down with actor Christian Bale.  Check out the exclusive interview below.

WARNING: Language is NSFW

Based on Marvin Barnes’ fabulous “interview” with Geoff McDermott, I have created a soundboard with the best clips.  Great for cheering up your day or harassing your loved ones over the telephone.  What ever happened to soundboards?  Let’s bring them back damnit!

The site I made it on even has an option where I can embed single tracks as widgets…so expect THE TORCH quote to be on the bottom of all my posts from now on!



That’s all I can say after watching this video I just found on

Face to Face: Marvin Barnes, Geoff McDermott []

Back in the early 1970’s, Ernie DiGregorio and Marvin Barnes starred for the Providence College Friars.

Barnes was the big man who went to star in the NBA.

Recently, Barnes sat down with current Friar Geoff McDermott.

By “sat down”, I think they mean “Yelled at McDermott for 6 minutes while McDermott listened”.  Seriously, this is awesome.  Barnes basically tells McDermott to step up his game if he wants to be even as close as the winner that Barnes himself was.

So based on the first 2 minutes of this “sit down” Mr. Barnes, would you say that you were hungry and wanted to be great?

To paraphrase Marvin Barnes…

“I didn’t have video games…we didn’t go to night clubs…we played at practice, before practice, after practice we played…I lifted weights 2 hours before practice.  I ran.  Dave Gavitt ran us for like 5 hours during practice..then we would go play pickup games…we WERE SERIOUS!  ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!  BE THE ENFORCER!”

Can you take the torch? CAN I PASS YOU THE TORCH?!?!  CAN YOU CARRY THIS TORCH?!?!

So you’re saying there is some kind of torch?

Man, I wish I saw this guy play for the Friars.

Anway, I’m not sure when this was recorded, but if THAT does not make McD play better…I don’t know what will.

McDermott On Target To Join Friar Elite

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Since day 1 as a freshman in ‘05, Geoff McDermott has started every game and put up quality numbers for the Friars.  Despite several nagging injuries, with the worst being knee trouble that resulted in off-season surgery before his Junior year, McDermott has started 89 games and is on pace to become the All-time leader in Providence College history.

Another typical stat-stuffed season for McDermott will also help him join some elite company in the Friar history books. In his first three seasons, Geoff has compiled 776 rebounds. If he pulls down another 224 (his lowest was his freshman year total of 243), he will become only the 6th Friar in history to get 1,000 rebounds.  If he can get back to his Junior year level of 283 rebounds, McDermott can pass Ryan Gomes and Michael Smith on the all-time list, and even challenge John Thompson for 3rd most in school history.

Here is a look at Rebound leaders in PC History


1. Marvin Barnes – 1,592 (89 games)
2. Jim Hadnot – 1,299 (84 games)
3. John Thompson – 1,061 (84 games)
4. Michael Smith – 1,038 (94 games)
5. Ryan Gomes – 1,028 (116 games)


When you look at the list, it’s really amazing what Barnes, Hadnot, and Thompson were able to accomplish in only 3 seasons of play (freshman were not eligible to play during their time).  If they were able to play as many games as Gomes and McDermott, their numbers would be untouchable.  However, Gomes, and specifically McDermott’s accomplishments should not be overlooked in school history.  Geoff was talented enough to play meaningful minutes from the get-go, and he has been able to put up great all-around numbers in a super competitive conference. Sure his Friars haven’t won as many games as everyone would like, but McDermott seems poised to have one of his best seasons as a senior.  Taking the Friars into the NCAA tournament would make his stats stand out even more.

Stats by

Stats by

McDermott also needs only 147 points to reach 1,000 career points, which has been done by 37 other Friars.  The 5 players with over 1,000 rebounds also have at least 1,000 points.