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misstSaturday afternoon’s 73-63 win over Mississippi State was a roller coaster of emotions. From the get go, the Friars dominated the Bulldogs and it looked like they would coast to an easy victory in the Big East / SEC Challenge. We did this for you, BIG EAST! Then, Bryce Cotton was fouled on a three pointer late in the 1st half (seriously, do you know any player who gets fouled more on threes than Cotton??), and came down awkwardly hurting his knee. Ice didn’t return for the 2nd half, and is going to get an MRI to see what’s up according to Ed Cooley in the postgame. Without Cotton, the “Sexy Six” held down the fort and the laugher continued on strong with Providence leading by as much as 26 points. However, Mississippi State woke up late in the game, and came ridiculously close to a monster comeback that would have just kicked Friartown while they were down. In the end, PC held on to beat a very terrible Mississippi State team, but may have to deal with a serious injury to their best player to date.

Why Providence won: In the pregame, I mentioned that Kadeem Batts needed to produce and be more aggressive in order to take some of the pressure off of Cotton. Batts must be an avid reader of Friarblog (READER COUNT UP TO 4!), because he was fantastic from the get go. Long range jumpers, aggresive drives to the hoop, baby hooks — you name it, Batts was scoring. Mississippi State didn’t have an answer for him, and they dug themselves into a big hole. The PC defense showed a lot of hustle, and forced their opponent to rely on long range shots they couldn’t hit. When the Bulldogs came roaring back in crunch-time, the Friars held it together and executed under pressure while shorthanded once again.

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On Saturday afternoon, the Friars will be taking on an inexperienced and rebuilding Mississipi State team as part of the SEC / Big East Challenge. Overall, there are 11 other games occurring over Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, giving us an opportunity for some well timed conference pride! Hey, the conference is going down in flames and nobody can be trusted, might as well try to band together to collectively kick the arses of a bunch of schools down south! Oh, you stabbed us all in the back and left us for dead? No worries, at least we can still agree that we all hate Kentucky.

The Bulldogs lost most of their top players from last year, and are in a rebuilding mode after coach Rick Stansbury was “fired” after last season. Maybe he had a tough time juggling coaching Mississippi State and running a prestigious but fake University of his namesake in Saved By the Bell land. “If Stansbury is that hypocritical, they’ll just have to do without Jessica Spano!” You are not the Harvard of the west, Stansbury…North, south, east, or west, there’s only one Haaar-vard!!

In is another Rick, a fellow named Rick Ray. He’s a former assistant coach who spent time at Indiana State, Northern Illinois, Purdue, and Clemson. Unlike Ed Cooley last year, Ray doesn’t have a Vincent Council type player to lean on in order to consistently stay competitive. The team is young and banged up, and have yet to win away from home so far this year. PC should be able to give the Big East a notch in the win column if they continue their smart and resilient play, but it remains to be seen if the Dunk will be rockin’ after Coach Cooley made his plea to the students to support the Friars who have worked hard this season.


Game Time: Saturday, Noon

Opponent: Mississippi State (2-4)

Location: The Dunk

Spread: Providence -12.5

Ken Pomeroy Ranks: Providence #70, Mississippi State #227 Projection: Providence 72, Mississippi State 62.5

Four Factors

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The Friar Daily 9.6.12

dave@friarblog —  September 7th, 2012 12:04 AM —  Comments

All the notable news, links, pictures, and video in and around Friartown and college basketball all in one digestible, tasty place.

link WPRI: PC rookie barred from playing in 2012

Ed Cooley spoke with the media today regarding the Ricky Ledo decision from yesterday.

“He was a little disappointed, I’m pretty sure his family was, but for me as the coach here I’m happy with this decision, because the big picture for me is educating these young men to get them to become better people in the long run,” said Friars head coach Ed Cooley. “I think this is a positive for Ricky, I think it’s a positive for our community.”

link ESPN: 2012 NBA Player Rankings: 141-160

Marshon Brooks coming in at #148. 7 better than DeJuan Blair. Take that, Pitt! Huge jump from #347 last year though. Just going in the complete opposite direction than his Friar alum friend Gomes.

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picture NittyGritty_Wil Tweet

Marshon was in NYC tonight signing autographs at the NBA Store. Here is a pic from someone on Twitter. You can also check out what shoes he was wearing.


notes I hate politics, but apparently Barack Obama said in his DNC speech tonight “Providence is with us!” I guess he didn’t hear the Ledo news. Well, maybe he will get re-elected and show up on ESPN with Andy Katz picking the Friars to advance in the 2014 NCAA Tournament.

link Friar Basketball: “20 in 60″: #15 Where are they now? Tracking former Friars

A great rundown of where all the players, coaches, and once recruits are currently up to. Yes, I am still in shock someone hired Keno.

Keno Davis (Head Coach) –After taking off the 2011-2012 season to do TV color commentary for the Big 10 Network,  Keno Davis was announced as the new coach of the Central Michigan Chippewas in the Mid America Conference.  Keno takes over a team that was 11-21 last year (5-11 in the MAC). Davis will be reunited with James Still on January 15 when the Chippewas take on Eastern Michigan University.

link ESPN: 3-point shot: Miss. St. establishing culture

PC will play Mississippi State on December 1st on ESNPU as part of the BIG EAST / SEC Challenge. Sounds like there may not be a lot of scholarship players between the two teams.

Mississippi State is down to nine usable scholarship players after first-time head coach Rick Ray dismissed Shaun Smith and Kristers Zeidaks for repeated violations. The team’s 10th scholarship player, Jacoby Davis, is out with a torn ACL. So what is Ray doing? “The biggest thing is to establish a culture of accountability,” said Ray. “It’s no reflection in the past.” Ray said that to be PC, but Rick Stansbury’s program did have its issues lately by enabling Renardo Sidney. “The programs I’ve been at in Clemson and Purdue we’ve held guys accountable and doing things the right way. Ultimately that’s the way you win and build programs.” Ray said his intent is to make sure he’s putting together a program for the short term and the long term. “It’s a misconception that I’m laying down the foundation for the future,” said Ray. “It’s not just the future. It’s for now.” Ray said the Bulldogs won’t be deep but in college basketball most teams play nine players anyway. “We still have eight or nine guys who can play. It’s not doom and gloom.”

link Rush the Court: Ten Games To Watch In Big East Play This Season

Spoiler alert, none of them are PC games.

It’s arguably one of the best leagues in the sport, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that most Big East competition is defined by high-quality matchups between nationally successful programs. Still, it’s refreshing to see the specifics of league play – not just in the Big East, but for most of the sport’s high-major conferences – in  plain view and know that those gritty, high-stakes conference matchups aren’t too far off.

twitter-bird-white-on-blue FriarFrenzy Tweet

2014 big man visiting PC soon.

Quadri Moore 6'9" Rivals 91. #pcbb MT“@: Linden (NJ) 2014 big says he may visit the Friars this month.”
Welcome to Friartown

link Run the Floor: The 189 most followed D-I basketball coaches on Twitter

Ed Cooley (@CoachCooleyPC) comes in at #102. Let’s get the man some followers! John Calipari leads the way by a huge margin with 1.2 million followers. There’s a joke in there somewhere about buying followers (which is a real thing!), and I think I just made it!

link Hoops Dream Magazine: Noah Vonleh Mr. McDonald’s All American

We desperately need a PG for 2013, but if Vonleh wants to reclassify to next year, I think we’ll have a spot ready for him!

Noah Vonleh seen first hand what happen to Tilton’s Nerlens Noel, as he was not able to participate in the prestigious McDonald’s All American game. Last season.

Rumors are circulating that Vonleh has talked about reclassifying, back into his original class of 2013.

If you’re going to reclassify, do it relatively early.  Don’t wait until the last minute, would be advice one would inform Vonleh.