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Earlier today I post a little something on Facebook asking you all what article you’d like to see – a Cincy recap, a postseason discussion, or a reflection on one particular player.

Thankfully, you guys picked the postseason article. Because God knows deep down I was going to do everything in my power to avoid doing a Cincy recap.

So, you asked for it, now you got it! Hit the jump and let’s talk about the Friars in the postseason!

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Gary Parish from has posted his preseason player rankings for Point and combo guards.

Here is the full list.

Among the Big East players ranked:

7) Johnny Flynn – Sophomore (Syracuse)

8) A.J. Price – Senior (UCONN)

14) Jerel McNeal – Senior (Marquette)

16) Scottie Reynolds – Junior (Villanova)

23) Kyle McAlarney – Senior (Notre Dame)

24) Levance Fields – Senior (Pittsburgh)

31) Deonta Vaughn – Junior (Cincinnati)

33) Kemba Walker – Freshman (UCONN)

34) Dominic James – Senior (Marquette)

37) Eric Devendorf – Junior (Syracuse)

I was curious if Sharaud Curry made this list last year, but I couldn’t find any previous pre-season rankings.  I then realized that Curry broke his foot in early October of ‘07, so he was probably not considered at all.   I would think he had to be up there coming off his excellent sophomore season of 15.3 PPG / 4.4 Assists and getting an All-Big East Honorable mention.  However, you can’t blame them for leaving Curry outside the top 40 guards in the country after missing an entire season.  He has a lot to make up and prove, and will face some tough competition in comparison with other guards in the conference.