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Check out Greedy on SportsCenter again after his nice put back slam off the missed three pointer.

Bilal Dixon had a thunderous one handed dunk against Villanova on a nice feed from Vincent Council.  He came down hard as Yarou fouled him.

The play was featured on SportsCenter as the #2 play of the day.  Congrats Bilal!  You only need 3 more to catch up with Greedy!

Here is a nice still from the AP Photos.

(AP Photo/Michael Perez)

Greedy, sick of the ‘ol plain monster dunks off missed shots and whatnot, decided to create a little bit more fancy dunk by passing it to himself off the backboard WITHIN traffic.  How this was not the #1 play is beyond me.

The video is also on ESPN Mobile’s IPhone site as the “DUNK OF THE DAY” (3GP file)

H/T XSkiX598

Linda Cohn has always been kinda creepy.  Check out the Providence/Villanova SportsCenter highlights on the 10AM edition on Friday.

“Ohhhhhhh yes Providence”

Huh? Are you OK Linda?  Why are you talking like Homer Simpson salivating over bacon?  Do the Friars turn you on?

“Meet the Friar force — His name – Weyinmi F-A-joo-KO.  He can do some things, this F-A-joo-KO.   9 of 16 from the field was F-A-joo-KO.  29 points for F-A-joo-KO”.

Hey Linda, why are talking like an absolute weirdo?

At least she pronounced it better than Steve Levy.

This aired on SportsCenter last night.