Twitter Campaign: Thank the Seniors

Also, be sure to add #ThanksBrice to that list too!

You know what to do from here. But just in case you don’t:

  1. Log into Twitter
  2. Think of your favorite memory from one of the seniors
  3. Throw in the appropriate hashtag: #ThanksBryce #ThanksKadeem #ThanksGoldy #ThanksTedB #ThanksBrice (you only need the one you’re using for the senior you’re talking about)
  4. Add #pcbb
  5. Post

We’ll collect our favorite ones after senior night and post them, so make them a good memory! Protip: if it’s funny as well as nostalgic you get extra points. Another protip: points don’t matter, this is like “Whose Line is it Anyway?”

Edit: We’re adding Brice Kofane into the mix because fudge it, that seems like the right thing to do and the guy deserves it, even if he does come back next year. #ThanksBrice

Have fun and post away!

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