Video: Late Night Madness Dunks

A few people have been sending in some great fan videos of the dunk contest from last night.

Here are a few of Bryce Cotton’s best dunks of the night that helped propel him to his 3rd straight win. In the 2nd round (and in the encore after winning), Ice failed to connect on his signature between the legs dunk. That definitely would have brought the house down. However, these two ones are pretty solid for a 6 foot guard! Now, let’s start to see these in games Dunkin’ Ice!

Hit up more dunks after the jump.

Freshman Josh Fortune had a solid debut with his dunk involving jumping over Carson Desrosiers. Yes, he is 7 feet tall.

Ricky Ledo, the heavy favorite going into the contest, had a bunch of misses when trying to bounce it off the backboard. He did manage to get one in though. Yes, the video is sideways.

Thanks to Nick Sweatt and Dan Moran for the videos!

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