Student basketball famousness and the role of College Friars Club in the process

Basketball always was and still remains one of the most spread sports in the US. The matches gather millions of fans watching and supporting athletes. However, along with NBA (adult) basketball the popularity and the meaning of the student one has become bigger and today you may hear lots of chatting exactly about college battles. Here we will try to puzzle out the reasons for the phenomenon and why College Friars Basketball must be considered.

College basketball – the reasons of success

While talking about student basketball it’s impossible not to mention the main organization that governs the field – The NCAA. Actually, it’s a great platform for developing young talents. The thing is that, as a rule, for budding players, who are fresh out of high school, the NCAA is the easiest and most reliable way to get into a professional career.

Top coaches, great training opportunities and the chance to compete with other top young players while competing with the scouts of the NBA teams – this system is convenient for both young players and their future employers in the field of adult sport.
There is no wonder that more and more fans prefer student basketball – visiting such matches you can see how an underestimated young talent performs and becomes a new star.

Not to mess up, shortly speaking, the reasons why student basketball is becoming more popular are:

  • good promotion of The NCAA;
    The American public’s love for “native” local heroes, combined with the fact that the league includes some of the best young athletes in the country, has created a unique kind of popularity that no other college competition in the world can boast.
    In the last couple of playoffs alone, the NCAA has generated over a billion dollars in revenue through television and sponsorship deals. Each stop of the game is represented by a main sponsor. Under the striking advertising of the big brands, amateur competitions are also held.
  • unpredictability of game results;
    Student sports are one of the most unpredictable, since none of these players have experience of playing at a high level, which makes them vulnerable to pressure. And this is perfectly handled by the other guys, who also create a unique “madness” atmosphere. Of course, we are talking about the fans.
    For instance, many student clubs, like Friars College Team, are absolutely unpredictable for their fans, no-one never knows how one or another new athlete will lead a game. Such an obscurity attracts more and more Americans to keep an eye on the young league and try to guess which of the players will be new Larry Bird.
  • fans’ movement;
    For fans, college basketball is not only a chance to see future professional sports stars from strong college programs compete against local athletes, but also a chance to participate in something unique.
    They are wild and unbridled in their dedication to their team and in their support. They wear their team colors (merch or branded clothes) to the games. They do everything so that the opposing players can’t concentrate on their free kicks, shout and dance. They cheer their teammates louder than NBA and NHL fans. Thanks to them, in the university leagues, all the actions of the visiting team are accompanied by whistles and shouts.
    You can either love them or reject the antics they do. But you can’t imagine the NCAA without them. You certainly won’t find such fans anywhere else.
  • potential coach stars;
    It’s one of the most interesting aspects of college basketball. Spectators don’t come here to watch the game closely, they acknowledge that behind every strong college team there is an extraordinary coach. Student sports in the United States is a testing ground for innovative young coaches. Here, where there are no legitimate superstars who can play every game at an outstanding level, it all depends on the discipline of the players and the tactical acumen of the coaches.
    In recent years, many student coaches have been given a chance at a professional level. So it’s a good chance to build a career not only for players, but coaches.

College Friars Basketball Team – one of the young talents to consider

Though student basketball is highly widespread in the US, there are some well-known clubs to get the biggest fan support, like the Friars College team (officially The Providence Friars men’s basketball team). It represents Providence College in NCAA Division I men’s basketball for many years already.
No wonder, that it is quite popular, because exactly the Friars College Basketball team was among the first members of the Big East Conference until it was reformed and now takes part in the current one.
As every self-respecting club, the Friars have their own arena to play, located at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island.
The key point that distinguishes the Friars among the other teams is not only a pretty strong line-ups, but the previous achievements. Since it exists, the basketball college club has come into the final four of the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament twice, in 1973 and 1987. Moreover, some former players and coaches – Dave Gavitt, John Thompson, Rick Pitino and Lenny Wilkens were nominated for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Billy Donovan.

To sum up, is student basketball worth paying attention to?

For sure, it is. Besides the heap of emotions and watching unpredictable, but professional matches, you are free to predict the next American basketball idol. Literally, you may easily keep an eye on his first steps. Moreover, there is no need to count on unknown clubs, the games of College Friars team or the others of the same level will be the best choice to make and get satisfaction definitely.