The base of American basketball and the role of College Friars in it

Almost every American guy can’t imagine his or her life without basketball, but why is it so popular? What is the place of the student league here? And why you must know about the College Friars Club – let’s figure everything out below.

Basketball – American favorite sport or just game affection

Actually, basketball is the second most popular sport after football not only in the US, but the world. However, in America basketball is played everywhere: in schools, colleges and at home. Here we offer the main reasons for such popularity, like:

  • real business industry;
  • it’s easy and affordable to play;
  • basketball evokes emotions;
  • the US is the birthplace of the game;
  • playing from childhood to adolescence;
  • betting option.

It’s another source of emotions that made basketball popular. People often try to guess who will throw the ball and what the result will be in the final. Due to the variety of bookmakers, you can easily find the place to gain extra money.

What about college basketball? Why to consider the Friars Club?

Indeed, the whole system of student basketball is based on the NCAA tournament, which is not that easy as it seems to be. First of all, there are the conference tournaments, a total of 31. The winners of these tournaments will move on to the next stage, which will be joined by 32 teams based on the current state and another team that will win an additional draw. Then we have the playoffs (March Madness), the semifinals and the Final Four.

College basketball is enormously popular due to the marvelous clubs that take part in it. You may find such pretty good teams as South Florida Bulls, Northern Iowa Panthers, Colorado State Rams, George Mason Patriots, Providence College Friars , etc. The last one is the best choice to keep an eye on. The club has a long and noble history, thus its players were awarded repeatedly and became world-class professional players. If you look through the results of recent tournaments, you will see that the Friars are very stable with the points, they always score a lot. Though the team is worth your attention, it’s necessary to say about its main rivals. Let’s overview them one by one.

  1. Villanova Wildcats;
    Providence and Villanova Wildcats Colleges meet at least twice a year during NCAA play. They have a long historical background: the two teams met for the first time in 1936 and still play matches frequently.
  2. Boston College Eagles;
    Boston Eagles and Friars College are located in neighboring states, and it’s believed that both teams have some of the most active fans in New England. Although they now play in various conferences, they continue to meet annually outside the conference.
  3. Connecticut Huskies;
    The two schools competed annually for the rights to the New England Championship until the 2013 season, when Providence and six other teams of the Catholic Seven parted ways with the new Big East.
  4. Rhode Island Rams.
    The annual Rhode Island State Championship game is played between these schools once a year and is often considered a highlight on both teams’ schedules. The annual match usually takes place in December and over the years has provided both teams with many memorable matches and moments.

Isn’t college basketball a risky and dull entertainment?

It’s hard to say that student basketball is dull, on the contrary, you may discover lots of unexpected stars here, so the matches are always full of emotional curves. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit College Friars team battle, and you will make sure of that.